My Strength Lies in the Sound of Music


When an R&B song is played and I am feeling irritated, it can instantly change my mindset; I get relaxed and begin to feel sorry for being angry in the first place. It’s amazing how much music can inculcate the right state of mind.

I’ve been known to always have headphones on, or to play music very loudly in my bedroom. After all, I am a radio DJ, I just can’t help it.

I’ve also come to learn that many songs that I love to jam to, sing along loudly with, head bopping and lungs on auto tune, are not what they are made out to be. They aren’t just songs or tracks about how much to money you have or pull out if there’s a need to, but they are inspirational tools in bringing order the listener’s life; enlightening them on things that could and eventually will happen.

Take for instance Peter Gbaa’s song ‘Life’ – “I hear them talking but that doesn’t get to me/never frown/that’s what they want/always smile…”

There are many of days when I feel like the world hates me, because of my ‘bouji’ attitude or mood swings and feeling of wanting to be left alone at times. In life, that is not acceptable in some places, neighborhoods and communities, you could be considered antisocial.

When it feels like your attitude and character is getting you in trouble and has placed you in a corner where everyone is talking about you, a song such as ‘Life’ can help you get through it. The depression and feeling of being alone in a world that can be so cruel seems to all come together when the volume is up.

Why bother fighting the world when a song can fight it for you, in your head; mind?

Music allows you to get quiet, search your soul as the music speaks to you. It helps you change the way you feel about things; a song can guide you into becoming what you listen, a better person.

“Never frown/that’s what they say/always smile/that’s what they say”

To change because a song tells you to takes might, bravery and understanding.

We think that we are perfect until a song writer coos out their life story and then we go back to being reminded that we are not. I applaud anyone who overcomes a challenge because of a good song, whether health related or within, like myself; and uses music as a tool in becoming stronger, within.


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