Music Industry Awash with Beef over Ownership of Song Title: “Woomi”


By Ebenezer Saah Davies

As young and striving as the Liberian music industry is, it seems to be faced with an ever-present threat of beef, disrespect and self-claim between artists, DJs, and record labels.

One growing threat has been the avenue artists create to embrace beef as a way to express disappointment on matters that bother them. Worst of all, beef discourages people they would otherwise be disposed to collaborate with in the near future.

Case in point, there has been a growing tension between Trapco artist Bucky-Raw and Hipco artist Christoph over the releases of their songs, bearing the same name “Woomi.”

Bucky Raw’s single, titled “Woomi,” was dropped June 5, 2018, while Christoph’s single, titled, “Woomi O,” appeared on August 16, 2018.

TrapCo King Bucky Raw

What remains a problem has been the complaints and argument between the two as to who has rights to the word “Woomi” as their song title.

The argument among the two on social media has since drawn, but what stands to be of greater surprise to fans has been a whole new general claim from an underground artist, King Doc. King doc said he is the real owner of the word “Woomi”.

“I am the real owner of the song title, ‘Woomi.’ I did [my] song since January of 2017, but because I never had money to complete the project, I went around seeking help from other artists outside Liberia” he said. “I am sure that was where they heard the song and decided to copy the title,” King Doc said.

King Doc, who expresses disappointment with the two artists, also noted that he had constantly been smashed with messages coming through his inbox.

“Bucky Raw and others have been arguing with me through my inbox, telling me that I am looking for notice. Yeah, we all are looking for notice. Why they don’t want me to talk about it? Because I am an underground artist?”

King Doc’s song, titled “Woomi,” was finally dropped on March 15, 2018, in which he features Skinnyboi Kpanto.

Not much response has been heard from Christoph or Bucky Raw accusing King Doc publicly. Instead, the struggle for ownership of “Woomi” as a song title has been directly between Christoph and Bucky Raw.

But in a live Facebook video, Bucky Raw’s manager, Liberia’s King George, drew clear lines indicating that Christoph cannot mess with Bucky lyrically.

Such statement can be interpreted that they are ready to go to battle if there is any “mess” coming from Christoph.

Meanwhile, Christoph has quickly responded. “So B.I.G said I’m the greatest, apart from greatness, I’m the most complete ‘lyricist’ in the game, kill ur self if u mad.”

But Bucky Raw seems not to be moved over Christoph’s shots. “He can throw all the shots he wants but that can’t shake me,” he said, adding: “I ain’t got to tag bloggers for notice…”

These petty hits and beef among artists in the music industry has been one of the most common things one can talk about and that is coming from the industry nowadays. But these unfavorable behaviors resulting from artists, has been termed as frustrating by Liberia’s entertainment promoter Double H.

In his recent reaction to beef and disrespect the Liberian music industry faces, Double H has called on every promoter, blogger, radio personality and everyone to stop promoting any artist who disrespects another artist.

“Even if nobody joins me, I will make sure that artists who disrespect each other will not be promoted on any of my platform,” he said. He further noted that, “This thing about going on Facebook to show each other disrespect should stop, if not, they will be punished.”

Double H is the owner of the Double H Entertainment and Co CEO of Hott FM.

What is baffling is that none of the three artists, in all their claims, could show or say whether their respective songs or song titles had been registered under the Copy Right Laws of Liberia, which contravenes the 2016 IP (Intellectual Property) Act. The Act requires that every artistic work produced in Liberia should be registered within a period of thirty days to claim authorship. However, nothing of such has been done by any of the artists involved in yet another row that has erupted within the Liberian music industry.



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