Music for the ‘Grown and Mature’

Veteran Liberian musician Maitta Fahnbulleh .jpg

Kicking off what is expected to be a fantastic long weekend, a trio headlined by ace Liberian diva Miatta Fahnbulleh will be doing a live performance at Evelyn’s Restaurant, Bar & Grill Friday, August 21 at 8pm. This is no frisky business. According to the organizers, Nubian FM and the host, Evelyn’s, this is for the ‘Grown and Mature’. According to Emeka Obiamiwe, CEO of Nubain FM, the event will feature old school, contemporary and new school; but it will be mature.

Also featured will be to of Liberia’s most seasoned deejays, DJ Funk Master D and DJ Eddie-F, taking turns to bring back the sounds that defined the days ‘when we were wuz’.

Of course, being at Evelyn’s, the event will no doubt be ‘savory’ in taste and style.

Admission is US$10.

According to Obiamiwe, “This classic is an event that we set up to build network among responsible people for live performance of old school music, and we will do this every month.

“We observe that there is no occasion for our peers to associate in an old school way, meeting people like they used to do,” he said.

He said: “I love been part of a gathering that can build an ecosystem in which people can explore their individuality.”

He explained that the aim of having the event is to give grown folk the space to be entertained and be themselves.

“As a typical music station, it is our sole duty to construct such a platform that could generate entertainment livelihood among the older people and build strong networking,” he emphasized.


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