Music 101 for Liberians Artist: Never Waste Time on Any of these Four Things


Being a musician is not an easy thing. It requires you to explore a lot of positive strategies that will further your career. However, some of these strategies are futile and do not really benefit the artist at the end. Therefore, it is advisable that as a musician you should not waste time on them. Time is finite; use it wisely in order to make every second results into positive push. Here are four things not to focus on for success.

  1. Don’t pay much attention to what other people outside think

It is true that as a musician, you need to cater to what other people think but it is not worth wasting too much time on it. The truth is when somebody does not like you, no matter what, they don’t like you.

As a writer, I say it is not advisable to waste time trying to persuade people who don’t like your music. No matter what, they will not like it. Lastly, never try to force your music on them; and if you do, the end result will be a heaven of bitterness.

Since that will be end result, I advise you to fight to strengthen you relationship with your existing fans as well as creating avenues to grab new fans. Last warning: never try to convince people (audience) who are not your fans because it will push your career backward.

  1. Never play at a free gig that does not benefit your career

Matter of fact, it can be difficult to turn down a free gig because helping people is very important. But it is also necessary to find the courage and say ‘no!’ Only play at a free gig when it is a resume builder.

Playing at free show sponsored by a charity organization or a renowned organization or for a major media house can open new doors of great opportunities for you. In fact, such a free gig builds your reputation (not as a cheap musician but as someone who cares for a particular cause), and it have lots of bigger pictures and prospects.

Take this as example: US musicians perform at the Super Bowl for free because of the bigger picture and the kind of audience they get.

  1. If your music producer tries forcing ideals on you, leave

Sometime finding a good producer can be difficult, most especially for indie artist. Choosing a producer takes into account, style, studio equipment, and the number of hit songs that producer have produced.

However, even if the producer is the best in the country, never allow him or her to force ideals on you. The process of recording a song need not be a situation of war or something that they are the best at; but, rather a collaborative and ideal sharing moment.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to walk out. If you decide to stay, you will never feel excited about the ongoing production or you will never put in your best. The end result will be a ‘wack’ track. Remember a good producer will never force ideals on you, but will bring it up as a subject for discussion.

  1. Never seek a publicist when you are not financially equipped

Having a publicist is not a bad idea, but it requires financial resources. The truth is most renowned publicists are not willing to work on pro bono service. Even if they do, he or she will not put in their best to move your career like creating publicity stunts, booking interviews, and maintaining your online presence.

Since that case, it is advisable that you place focus on creating a buzz for your career, which will build a solid system for you as a musician. Now, when that is done you can seek out PR representation in the music world.

Remember: in the music industry money matters.


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