Music 101 for Liberian Artists: Network to Stay Relevant in the Music Industry


It is not easy to break into the music industry. Whether you are an upcoming artist or not, the best way to blow or stay relevant is to know the right game changers and build a relationship with them.

This is called networking, which no matter your status as a musician can make a considerable difference when it comes to growing and maintaining your name and image in the industry.

In life, whenever you are friendly with the right people who have the power to make things happen, it is easy for you to realize your dream.

In our ever changing culture, you always need to know people to get things now or in the future.

Your success and survival depend on finding the right people for collaborations, which makes effective networking the key.

The key to successful networking is to target the people who are most important to your success. Identify the people with whom you would like to collaborate, as well as the people who can influence your career. Maintain contact with music entertainment journalists, DJs and other relevant players in the industry. Remember a music review by an influential journalist can raise your profile.

In addition, the best way to know people in the music industry is through face-to-face meeting, which is the most effective form of networking. When you meet people with whom you would like to network, take their contact details so that you can keep in touch with them.

In addition, digital tools like LinkedIn can be a great asset for connecting and networking. Join relevant groups and start discussions.

From there, building the relationships is important. Keep the person up to date with developments by email or via social media. Whether it is about upcoming events or the release of a new single, just keep them informed and encourage them to find time and review your work.

Thirdly, work on your social media presence which is key to social networking. Nowadays, social networking is proving to be the less cost-effective technique for building a profile and grabbing potential fan base.

Putting music on sites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and keeping fans informed can quickly build a following.

After all, you never know when you might need something down the road.


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