Music 101: Five Ways to Promote Your Career


Choosing music as a career is not an easy thing. It requires you to be careful of not making mistakes that will kill your career and explore strategies that will bring you success. Here are four things to do to promoter your career.

  1. Never neglect your social media pages

Whether you like it or not, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the best places to grow your music career from nowadays. They are powerful tools, when you consider the billions of users. By using them effectively, you can turn your hopes of being a superstar into a mega-superstar.

  1. Book gigs frequently

While social media will help you progress, you are not Wizkid or 2Face who sometimes don’t play a single gig for months; therefore, it is advisable that you try booking a gig approximately every other month to maintain a decent presence.

Regardless of your social media followers, don’t let too many months go by without a local show.

  1. Try to get your fans something new, as often as possible

The word often does not mean every week. At least after every two or three months, try giving your fans something new in order to get them engaged. Remember this, if your fans don’t get some after a very long period of time, they will lose interest in you.

A newly cooked single is what keeps the buzz going; and in turn, it helps expand your fan base and create and open more doors of opportunities for you.

I know sometimes you need a break; but even at that, try to drop a full EP or LP, or at least try recording a single song, even if it’s just a demo version.

  1. Network more

If you want to stay relevant in the music industry, networking to get connections with as many folks on the local scene, as well as the international, is absolutely essential for progress. Check this out: the more booking agents, venue owners or company brand managers you amass, the greater are your chances for getting new gigs, which is key to growing your fan base or getting a lucrative endorsement deal.

Remember this, life is about who know you.

Note: This article is for upcoming artists or those who lack a well structured management team.


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