Mr. Shugga is “Causing Trouble”

Mr. Shugga.jpg

Rueben Karpeh, stage-name Mr. Shugga because of his positive attitude in every situation, his caring personality and his music, just got himself pushed up a notch on the list of artists to watch out for this year.

With his hit single, “Causing trouble,” and collaboration with Jodi Clark of DopeMusic Empire fame, the happy-go-lucky singer has done just that, causinh trouble and making everyone stop and salute him for another job well done.

After the song was officially released on HottFm 10.9 LIB Top 75 playlist earlier last week, Mr. Shugga’s interview revealed that he is a star in the making.

“I come from a large family of 10. Music to me is the simplest cure to emotional and psychological sickness,” he shared via email.

No wonder Mr. Shugga’s verses on “Causing trouble” are so well blended and smooth; it’s as if he is singing the pulse that can pump life into an unbeaten heart.

“I have won three awards from my community in Australia and two international awards, including Best Artist of the Year Australia @the LMA in America and Best Artist of the Year Australia @ AAMMA Awards. Yet, I continued to sing and I’m so grateful to God,” he added.

“Causing trouble” can be heard throughout Liberia and Mr. Shugga can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as Mr. Shugga.

“I have been singing in the choir since I was about 17 years of age. I was always happy to sing at church activities and in the church choir. However, I never thought I would be a singer, as my future dreams for myself was to become a personal trainer because of my body type. My wakeup call moment really was when I first went to a studio for the very first time. It was just a local studio operated by a friend. I connected so well with the music, I was able to express a lot of things I felt inside and everyone that walked into the studio on that day had words in their mouth to say about how I was singing,” said Mr. Shugga.


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