Mr. International Jon Bricks Joins Solo Phone


Fans of Jon Bricks, also known as Mr. International, can now travel out of Liberia and still have an opportunity to listen to Jon Bricks music right from their phone.

According to reports coming from JMK Publicist, Jon Bricks has successfully made two hot tracks that the Nigerian people love and have now added to their top cell phone- Solo Phone, playlist.

“This is an amazing breakthrough for Liberian music,” says on Bricks.

Solo is a skill driven digital content and Smartphone company focused on distributing the best content and services on the mobile platform to African consumers. It’s led by Tayo Ogundipe, a Nigerian born former senior global executive with HTC and Sony Ericsson.

According to reports, Mr. International is yet again the first to have such a breakthrough in his ever-rising career.  Jon Bricks is said to be the first Liberian star/artist to be on Nigeria’s top cellphone- Solo Phone.

Two hot new singles from Mr. International, “Off and On” remix and “Still Hip-Co” featuring Chinese superstar Zheng Zheng have been added to Solo Phone musical playlist.


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