Movie Review: ‘Pastor on the Run’


“Pastor on the Run” is a film with greed, dirty deeds and the quest of a young man to succeed at any cost by pretending to be a servant of God while concealing a hidden agenda.

Kortu Momo, who plays the role of Pastor Paul, exploits money from community members and is involved in several romantic affairs with congregation members. He was quite lucky to escape the wrath of angry civilians when his deeds surfaced to the public.

Not long after relocating to a different community people quickly detected the Pastor’s hidden agenda, leading him to once again attempt to escape. But unfortunately for Pastor Paul his tactics to escape the wrath of the people failed this time around, although he managed to walk away with his life.

“People need to be careful; it is not everybody that claims to be pastor (a) true men of God. We try to expose some of their hidden secrets because they end up becoming more destructive; the sooner the public is educated, the safer they become,” said Kortu Momo, the director and producer of the film.

One of the nation’s hottest comedians, Isaac Sunday Sieh, played the role of taxi a driver. Uncle Fufu, as Sieh is known in the film, plays a very crucial role in bringing to light the deeds of the pastor after it became clear that Fufu had develop love for the pastor’s wife, wanting her by all costs.

However, the build up became tight as the plot develops and hatred becomes stronger.

Overall, the film was cooked well including its portrayal of moments of fear and intense action scenes. While the film has a better storyline and massage, few special effects were needed to make it better including increased suspense, visual quality and soundtrack.

The film seeks to highlight the evil acts of some people who claim to be true men of God but are not. Although only a single person plays the pastor role, it does give one an in-depth understanding of what truly goes on in many churches on a daily basis.

The film has a spectacular cast including Patricia Toukao, Patience Pehlum and Jackson Doe.


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