Movie Review: Maher Brought to Life a Forgotten Story


Maher, a fiction about the Liberian civil war, honestly depicts and brings to life the killings of hundreds of innocent civilians on January 18, 2002 in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, when rebels accused them of being supporters of another rebel party.

Ordered to alight the trucks after they were trucked over the Maher River, these innocent civilians were killed in horrific fashion like beheadings before being thrown into the water below.

Despite some shortcomings, the film does not avoid portraying the incessant massacre of innocents in their homes and on the streets, or even the mowing down of a roomful of terrified girls in the film’s most harrowing sequence.

Maher, ‘Black Rain’ in Bomi, is a movie based on testimonies of some survivors who managed to escape by either jumping into the river or finding ways to fake their deaths. Barbara Smith, an American journalist who worked undercover with the rebels, filmed their massacres with her secret pen and camera.

As the action intensifies, the safety of Barbara Smith, a role played by Stephanie Mary, was the concern of the US government, who requested that she leaves, but refused in order to continue her work.

Though she refused, her safety was still a major concern of the US government, as they secretly sent two top commandos to bring her home or get her out.

However, it did not take too long before the rebels uncovered Stephanie’s secret act of filming them, which turned the rescue mission into heavy battles between the two US commandos and the rebel fighters.

One lesson that Maher teaches us is that people should never sit idly and do nothing when atrocities are being committed.

Maher was produced by Derick Synder, who self-funded the whole movie because of his commitment to bring to life stories that many have forgotten.

You can witness the movie trailer on YouTube. For sponsorship, you can contact Derick on his number +231 777 587 443.


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