Mobile Sales Begin for “Yearnings of a Traveler”


Nearly three weeks after his debut poetry collection “Yearnings of a Traveler” sold over 100 copies at its launching, awarding winning poet Lekpele Nyamalon has initiated a mobile sales platform in order to reach out to as many people as possible.

Since the kick off of the mobile sale platform, the poet has been able to interact with many young people, especially emerging student writers, encouraging them to take their writing more seriously.

So far, more than 80 copies have been sold via the mobile platform, which went live a couple of days ago. Many buyers lauded Nyamalon for creating an opportunity that makes the book readily available to them.

Lekpele noted: “At the launching of the book, everyone in attendance was invited — a situation which did not give [non-invitees] the opportunity to be there. The only way around that was through this method.

“This mobile sales platform has helped me to interact with students and ordinary people, and to come face to face with the people that matter — the everyday people.

I also initiated this mobile sales platform,” the young poet said, “to dispense with the notion that Liberians do not love reading, but [to show that] rather when the materials become easy to get, they will go for it.”

Selling more than 80 copies of the book via mobile sales alone proved that Liberians love reading, Nyamalon said, adding, “

Buyers call him after reading three or four poems to discuss them, the poet said.

“I feel overwhelmed when this is happening, especially the students as they call to express their thoughts on the book and provide analysis on the poet‘s intended massage.

“This proves again that Liberians love reading,” he said with a smile.

During its first 20 days of publication on Amazon, the book was rated a number one bestseller for African Poetry.

“Yearnings of a Traveler” offer readers insight into the poet’s travel experiences. It expresses the cultural values and norms of people he met and the ills he observed affecting people and society at large, and the hope for one to persistently fight for his or her own rights.

The book also inspires and stirs the mind of the reader to go beyond the poet’s thinking and experiences to create an image of the story in one’s own mind.

The book features exactly 25 inspirational poems, including the award winning “Forgotten Future”, which portrays the African setting with its past and describes the suffering of our young boys and girls, pleading for their freedom and dignity.

“My Body Is Gold”, a poem published in the Daily Observer and dedicated as part of his contribution to ending violence against women, is also featured.

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