Miss Liberia May Miss Miss World


No pun intended. As things stand, Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo, may likely not participate in this year’s Miss World, which is expected to take place in China by the end of the year. Although the official date and venue of the finals have not been announced, contestants are expected to arrive in China early November; but Dolo has not been able to secure funds for her trip.

Aides to the queen revealed that despite the numerous appeals to the government for support, she has been unable to get a dime from them. And because of this, the aides added, she was forced to launch a GoFundMe page to help her raise funds for the trip, but is still finding it difficult to raise the target amount.

The aides further said “this is the truth, Miss Liberia will not be at this year’s Miss World due to lack of funding and despite her efforts to get money from government, it is not working.”

They added: “The situation is getting worse on a daily basis. I can feel the pain she is going through but I cannot help. Only the government can, but they are not willing.

“Since she won this crown, she has been without real endorsement deals and even her travel to South Africa this year for the Miss Africa, where she came out as the 1st runner up, was not sponsored by government.

“I feel really bad for her because she’s pushing so hard and all anyone gives her is suggestions; no help, no sponsorship. The Liberian ambassador to South Africa didn’t even bother to meet her when she went there. Only a few Liberians who heard she was there volunteered to help backstage.

“We don’t expect this type of behavior from the government. This is ridiculous. I hope someone will come to her rescue.”

Meanwhile, up-to-now, Miss Liberia has not been able to get her cash prize that came with winning the crown.

“The only thing that she has been able to receive is the Renault car, which she fuels herself. Despite calls for her crown’s cash prize, she has not been able to get it. She is suffering. Winning the crown has not changed anything,” the aides continued. “To travel to South Africa, she paid for her own air ticket and everything needed for the trip, without a single dime from the government.”

The aides also said Miss Liberia is going through a lot right now, which she cannot handle right now.


  1. Government talks about escalating the culture and tourism industry, but can’t see the significance of promoting a local beauty with an opportunity to showcase one of our women’s attributes on the world stage. Somebody should seriously remind the political leadership that soccer isn’t the only thing we can be proud of. For instance, in some South American countries beauty is a lucrative export: Do something, Iron Lady!


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