Michelle to Munah: ‘You Are A Strong Black Woman’


Now that all the hype is dying down over Michelle Obama’s visit with her two stunning daughters and her old ma, however, LIB Life can’t stop thinking about an incident that occurred at the airport when Michelle Obama and family walked down the red carpet and shook hands with the Liberian delegates.

Michelle paused when she reached District #9 Representative Munnah Pelham- Youngblood.

From where I stood, which was way behind America’s first lady, to the East wing of the airport, I could see Michelle was overwhelmed by something. She began making hand gestures that one would make when making a passionate statement and excitedly motioned to her daughters, who were standing nearby, as she burst into excitement.

I wanted to know what the first lady of America, who is known as the first fashion icon of the White House and the best dressed, said to Munnah Youngblood. After several attempts to catch up with the towering beauty model turned Politian, Mrs. Youngblood, I had to kill the curiosity, I wanted to know what

Michelle Obama said to her. Because of the gestures she made, it seemed as if Michelle was stunned by her height and beauty, and this is what Mrs. Youngblood had to say:

“When she came closer to me I gave her a handshake and she held my hands and said ‘Mrs. Youngblood, you are such a beautiful woman, young woman. You are very tall. Oh my God, I guess you are taller than me. These are my daughters and I guess they are going to be tall like you. You are a strong young black woman and continue the good work.’ I was excited because it was a privilege and honor to have the opportunity to meet the first lady of America. Apparently I was profiled before her visit to Monrovia.”



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