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StarmeloD, a multi talented singer/songwriter/music producer, who used to go by the moniker DJ MeloD- Saint-Sori in the early part of his career, has really made an impression on his Liberian fans with his 2015 hit ‘Rude Tude Tings.’

“My artist name evolved over time. They say I change my name frequently because the name grows. In respect to that, I love to mess with melodies a lot; produce, but like melodies. I connect with it when feeling emotional and my character is like that too,” he chatted via Facebook.

‘Rude Rude Tings’ left people confused about the nationality of the artist because, they said, “it sounds too good to be from Liberia.”

Produced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, in October 2015, the song was on heavy rotation in Liberia by mid 2016, making its way to becoming one of the most favorite club songs yet.

Then the unexpected happened. When entertainment writers and bloggers found out who the artist behind the hit was, many wanted to interview him; and in one situation, it got dirty.

According to a Facebook status several months ago, StarmeloD posted that an uploaded promo of ‘Rude Rude Tings” had over 6 billion views on YouTube. Maybe the claim was made because at that moment, StarmeloD hadn’t done much promotion for an upcoming concert.

“I did a show and it wasn’t as successful because of promotion, so someone blogged about it and I have never been an artist that goes on social media to complain and rant. In retaliation to their blog, that was my very first time posting anything on Facebook,” he shared.

LIB Life tried to find the post, but was unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, StarmeloD’s fan base has risen and so has his endeavors since all the hype. Recently, StarmeloD, Skoolboy Weezy and Z of the same label, signed a distribution deal with Akon’s Konlive Distribution Label, a big move for yet another set of talented artists.

The artist recently released ‘Ley Girl,’ another unique blend of melody and voice.

Here are some facts about StarmeloD you didn’t know.
– He’s mellow and easy going until he hits the stage and gets a little wild.
– StarmeloD’s message to audience is; “When fear governs your life, the possibilities of failures are endless, so never be afraid. Go for what you want.”
– He is the fourth of ten children from the Geleplay family. Upon arrival in the United State in 2004, MeloD did not see himself becoming a public figure because he is shy.
-At the age of 16, StarmeloD began performing at poetry festivals
-StarmeloD has a spiritual mother, Saint Sulne, who calls MeloD ‘the servant of God.’ When she learned of MeloD’s “deep past” and his encounter with God, she started feeding him the word of God with the faith that one day he will be a saint.

Although he did not completely take her last name (Saint Sulne), MeloD changed a few letters around, but left the word “SAINT” in place as a way of forever remembering her words and his fate. Saint Sori.

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