Meet Joey CoStar

Joey CoStar

Joey CoStar is a 27-year old Liberian musician raised in the U.S. Citing Chris Brown, Maleek Berry, Drake, Ty Dollar Sign as influences, he said he has been actively pursuing his career for the past 7 years. But don’t for once think that he is a copycat.

“What I have learned is you can either try to copy others to get into the industry and have a short music career, or be different, be yourself and make history,” he said.

After a lot of near misses and hits, a history making moment is what the Liberian music industry is in need of to establish its place among the great artist and music producing nations in line with her age and history in Africa and the world. CoStar believes he can be the one to do just that.

Speaking to the man you will soon love to hear, he said his love for music was groomed from interest. “When I noticed myself reading about the music business, watching videos and interviews, recording music 24/7 and the huge reaction I was getting from people, I then realized I was obsessed with being successful in this industry. I haven’t looked back since!”

Not scared of the competition, Joey CoStar believes his drive will set him apart. “I realize I have a purpose and message in my music; to be sharp on my game and deliver well on my purpose. For me competition can’t really exist. To stand out I have to focus on being me and enjoying what I’m doing.”

But for an artist to make a difference, the industry demands creativity, for which he said, “God gave me the great ability to be creatively relatable through my music. I thank God for that. I want people to hear a relatable message that they can feel connected to, knowing that they are not the only ones going through it. Also I want people to escape their daily worries and dance, laugh and celebrate with my music and the message.”

For now, Joey CoStar just wants to be himself, be that guy whose music you can run to for any mood you are in. “My strategy is to stay true to who I am, be consistent and appeal to the world so we can bring the world’s attention to Liberia. Next step is continuing to build a following all over the world and go on tour. I have a project coming very soon called ‘The passport.’”

Putting ‘The Passport’ together, JC said he connected with his producers, vibed to the beats, and lyrically paint a vivid picture of things occurring in his life. “I have recorded about 40 songs, so me and my team will pick the top 8-12 songs to put on the EP. I’m in a place in my life of trying to find the balance between family and music. So in my music I express a lot of how the commitment of music has been affecting my family, faith, finance and friends. I also speak a lot of encouraging words to all of us that need a little encouragement to push through tough times.”

He said his motivation for the project came from life’s ups and downs. “Music creates everyone’s mood, good or bad. So I enjoy entertaining through my music.”

The next Liberian artist to blow in a big way said his biggest inspiration in his young career was winning three Central Pa Awards, performing at the Liberian Entertainment Awards in 2012, collaborating with Soca superstar Zoelah, and being recognized by American super group Pretty Ricky.

But he is not one to let it all go to his head. He is still grounded despite the hectic nature of the industry, and finds time for self and family. “I get so busy all the time that when I get some free time with family I cherish it!”

The Bachelor’s degree holder in Business Marketing has big plans for the next few years, including being a world renowned urban pop artist and entrepreneur of a few global businesses which, he said, calls for a strong mind, faith and perseverance, “as success is not a destination but a process.”

To the up and coming, those dreaming of getting into the industry, Joey CoStar’s advice is: “Dream it, believe it, pray on it and lastly work for it. No excuses; no one owes you anything. Create your own destiny.”

Joey CoStar brings individuality and a different look and eyes to Liberian culture.

Born on July 1, 1990 in Monrovia, JC said his mother and father were able to get them out of Liberia during the height of the war. “By God’s grace we arrived in a brand new country with no family and no money, but a dream to live a more meaningful life. I always promised my parents that I will be a product of the concept of starting with zero and ending up on top of the world.”

We believe you will, Joey CoStar! We do! Watch this space…


  1. Joey is a grounded individual with an array of talents and a supportive family who believe in his dream. He will bring Light to shine in the world.

    I look forward to hearing his new EP.


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