Media Institutions Urged to Promote Liberia Culture

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The Publisher of the Daily Observer newspaper, Kenneth Y. Best, is appealing to all media institutions to join the effort of his newspaper to promote Liberia’s fast decaying but unique culture, as it will help build interest in Liberia.

Since 1981, the Daily Observer newspaper has been promoting Liberia’s arts and culture, while at the same time advocating for a new cultural center since the first one was sold years ago and converted into a resort.

Still, this paper has not relent to argue or advocate for a new center to be built in an area that is rooted in culture, not Marshall, which has nothing cultural, said Mr. Best.

“We all know the power of the media; therefore the media can play a more crucial role in reawaking Liberia’s cultural practices.

“For too long many media institutions have seek not to generate interest in the promotion of Liberia’s cultures, a situation that has made this government not serious about promoting it as well,” Mr. Best noted.

Mr. Best was speaking under the theme: Promoting Arts and Culture in Liberia through the Media at the just ended Cuttington University Cultural Festival.

Culture encompasses everything, including our unique folklores, songs, dances; and it is therefore our responsibility to promote and preserve it for generations upon generations.

The absence of media institutions in playing a vital role to keep Liberia’s cultural heritages alive is actually causing problems. Media entities should take into consideration that they have a very wide rage of audiences, and if everyone was promoting Liberian culture by now, we would have had new culture village by now, Mr Best emphasized.

“The Daily Observer newspaper is the only newspaper in Liberia that makes it compulsory to promote Liberian arts and culture every week…is at least trying to restore the country’s broken culture…and is also pressurizing government to take keen interest in our culture and develop policies that will restore and sustain it.

“It is about time that all the media institutions act fast or it will be too late. However, we at this newspaper will not stop, neither will we relent, in promoting Liberia’s arts and culture,” Mr. Best added.

Meanwhile, at the end of his remark, Mr. Best promised to donate a mask in each gender from all sixteen tribes to the Africana Museum to beef up their collection.

Speaking earlier, CU Interim President D. Evelyn S. Kandakai said the festival is the launch of a longtime event that comes up annually and is meant to promote Liberia’s cultural heritages, like other universities are doing around the world.

“After seeing the level of decline in the promotion of Liberian culture, we thought it wise that doing something will bring everyone on board to promote culture regardless of your diversity. We as people have a unique culture that is worth promoting and be proud of,” Dr. Kandakai said.

The festival was held under the theme: Promoting, Diversity, Tolerance and Peaceful Co- Existence through Culture.


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