Master Queen versus KZEE BIGNAME

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Recent rumors circulating in the entertainment industry about a possible fight between two top entertainers has everyone talking.

“The fool who hurt my Master Queen will not hear the end of it,” stated Michael Smith on facebook.

“My boy KZEE is too caring and nice to ever hit on a woman.  I’ve known him for years and he has never lifted a finger to do so” stated Romeo Kamara on FaceBook.

What happened on the night of March 21, 2015 between Hip-Co and Gbema artist KZEE and HottFm 107.9 radio personality and promoter Master Queen is unclear.

Confirmed reports by the Metro Depot on center street say Master Queen made a report there claiming she was assaulted by Kolano Zulu, commonly known as KZEE Bigname.

“KZEE accused me of not allowing him to perform at Soul Fresh’s show during their four day Hip-Co Crusade. I being a promoter for the Liberian entertainment industry would never stop anyone from performing and told KZEE that I was only reading artists whose names were listed by Soul Fresh,” she stated.

According to the radio diva, KZEE became upset and rumor began reaching to her that he wanted to address her on the issue.

“I heard it was bothering him after the show and one night while at a club, I saw KZEE and his woman there. His girlfriend approached me about it in the bathroom and accused me of trying to disrespect KZEE. Being that she didn’t know anything about the industry, I told her excuse and left the bathroom,’ she added.

According to a witness who was on the scene, he says he watched and heard Master Queen and KZEE begin to exchange words in the parking lot of the club.

“KZEE told Master Queen how he was just as important as she was and that her career was nothing without his. And  I heard Queen telling him that she would make sure his music or any content would never get played again,” added Ras.

“Next thing I saw was KZEE trying to grab Queen and threatening her, but I didn’t see him throw any blows,” Ras shared.

According to Master Queen, she was assaulted by KZEE.

“He had a beer bottle in his hand and was trying to use it as a weapon on me. I remember even having to tell him that his bottle was too close to me and his beer was spilling on me,” she added.

“KZEE swung at me and pushed me down. Other artists were there as witnesses and saw him do it. HottFM was called to come to my rescue, but he had escaped before they could arrive.” She added.

Meanwhile, according to KZEE who left the country a day after he was accused of assaulting Master Queen, he is innocent.

“I have a clear heart. God comes first, I never touched her. She said she would make sure that my career spoils and I told her I was popular before her. She said my songs will never play, and I told her that it wouldn’t happen and that’s how the argument went. It was not a fight,” he added.

“Quincy B was on the scene, FA was on the scene, FA held my hand and pushed me back and said that I should forget about her. When I got home, I heard that she said I fought her and pulled her clothes off, which I could never do,” he added.

According to KZEE, he went to the police and explained to them his side of the story and was never arrested.

“I don’t have a problem with Master Queen. She’s my sister. I don’t take this to mean anything. It was just a normal argument, and I was surprised to see her posting stuff on FaceBook. She should have told me that I offended her rather than go to the police,” he added. 


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