Master Queen Resigns from Hott FM

Master Queen.jpg

Radio diva Master Queen has finally confirmed media reports that she has resigned from Hott FM, one of Liberia’s biggest radio stations, to seek opportunities elsewhere.

The award winning radio personality has moved to Capitol FM, which is managed by the legendary Liberian broadcaster Chris Wolo.

Master Queen said she remains grateful to the Hott FM management team and the entire staff for helping her becomes the celebrated radio personality she is today.

She added that she is leaving the station with a heavy heart, but promised to maintain a cordial working relationship when called upon.

“After six solid years with Hott FM, I decided to resign in order to explore my potential somewhere else.

“The truth is leaving Hott FM was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make in a while, considering that this has been my home for the last six years. Also, everyone at the station has become my family as well.

“I hope and pray that we will continue working together to push Liberian music, arts and culture beyond boundaries and our wildest imagination,” said Master Queen, who just returned from Nigeria.

“A day after I returned from Nigeria, my new show Masque231 will debut on Friday at 8:00pm on Capitol FM,” she said, adding, “The show will feature individuals from creative industries like musicians, painters and fashion designers and all those who look to improve the overall human experience through their God given talents.”

Meanwhile, during Master Queen’s stay in Lagos, Nigeria, she attended Africa Fashion and Designer Week, which give her the opportunity to penetrate one of Africa’s largest beauty markets with her luxurious nail polish line, Masque Nail Polish.

While in Nigeria, she reaffirmed her dedication to continue promoting Liberian arts and culture in the Diaspora as well as supporting new and old talents.

Master Queen closed with gratitude to her fans for their continued support.


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