Martha Akorsah Elected LIMU President


Actress and writer Martha E. Arkosah was elected president of the Liberia Movie Union (LIMU) last Saturday, for the next two years.
The election took place at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) in Monrovia.

Ms. Arkosah won the election with 347 votes, and opposition candidate Aloysius Taylor, standard bearer of Reality Team got 265 votes.
The election was described as free and fair.

President-elect Ms. Arkosah comes with a vast experience of the industry and has served the union in different leadership roles, including interim president.
“I’m a woman of substance. I’m a woman of my words and I will stand by my commitment to ensure more opportunities for movie practitioners,” President-elect Akorsah told the Daily Observer via a mobile interview after her victory was announced.

She added, “I appreciate the voters for their faith in me and I’ll embark on a course to unify the union and promote the industry.”
“Unifying the union is my top priority,” President-elect Akaorsah said. “I am calling on every member to give my incoming administration all the cooperation and support to ensure that we move the union to another level.”

Assistant Minister for Culture Madam Louis W. McMillan, contributing, said the successful election of Ms. Akorsah was a landmark achievement.
“This is because there was no case of election violence and I must applaud voters and everyone for showing a level of maturity in the entire process,” she said.

A spokesperson for the opposition, who asked not to be identified, hailed the elections and assured cooperation with the incoming administration.
The polling station opened early on Saturday, May 23 but it was during the day that voters rushed in to cast their votes.

Elections Commissioner Holmes said, “We promised you free, fair and peaceful election and this is what you have received.”
Election results were announced immediately after the counting and verification were concluded.

President-elect Akorsah’s Dream Team party won all the 12 leadership positions, with two candidates winning on white ballots.


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