Man-Up Time For LIB Rapper Bucky Raw

All Bucky Raw did was to send out an impromptu Facebook post, which served as the only announcement for the mixtape's release, and fans went wild.

Trapco rapper Bucky Raw has taken the blame for his deportation from the US on charges of domestic violence and for violating the terms of his parole.

In his first public interview since been deported to Liberia, three days ago, conducted on Prime FM 105.5, Bucky Raw said: I take all the blame. I can’t blame anybody else. Nobody did anything to me. Nobody forced me to do anything. My character got out of hand.

“I was wrong. I was wrong for how my life was painted out. I’m sorry to my female fans that listen to my music. Domestic violence is not something I am proud of. I have sisters. If anybody put their hands on my sisters, I will feel some type of way. So, please forgive me. I am sorry a whole lot and it is coming from deep down in my heart. It’s a lot I am dealing with. I am a family man first. Domestic Violence, I am totally against that. I have a baby girl, Kay; she means the world to me. I am very sorry. Please forgive me.

“I need to get my mind right for my family, my fans, so I can produce good music. God brought me back to my homeland. I’m not mad at that, I’m happy,” the rapper said during his interview.

Meanwhile, an unconfirmed report has it that SB Records WORLDWIDE is closing negotiation to sign Bucky Raw to a 5 years venture deal for an undisclosed amount. This will be the company’s first major deal signed in Liberia.


  1. Welcome home bro. You are about to take LIB and Africa over. You have the gift so use it wisely.
    One Love and can’t wait to team up with you on a project I’m working on in Guinea.
    Lib 4 life


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