Major Dahnsaw Bags 2nd Ambassadorial Duty In Nigeria

"Major" Esau O. Dahnsaw remains the only Liberian-based actor who has signed two ambassadorial endorsement deals in two years simultaneously.

Liberian Actor Major Dahnsaw has signed his 2nd endorsement deal in two years. The super and talented actor received a full contract from the Africa Cinematography Festival in Nigeria on 10th September 2018, retaining his services as their Brand Ambassador for Liberia.

In a tweet, Major Dahnsaw revealed “God has showered Me with My 2nd Ambassadorial duty in Nigeria. Retained as Brand Ambassador for the Africa Cinematography Festival (A.C.F.)  in Nigeria.”

Major remains the only Liberian-based actor who has signed two ambassadorial endorsement deals in two years simultaneously.

Dahnsaw’s stellar performance as Citizen Teage in a series of theater presentations in July 2018 left many, including Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, impressed with his professionalism and dexterity as an actor.

This year’s Africa Cinematography Festival will be held from 24th November to 1st December 2018 at the University of Lagos, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Registration to attend the festival is at Register using Major Dahnsaw as reference and stand the chance of gaining advanced training in Europe or America.

The Africa Cinematography Festival is an annual training platform to build the arts, science and crafts artistry in cinematography and film production; generating entrepreneurs in the sections of directing, costume arts, makeup arts, sound designing/production, light designing/production, use of camera/lens technology, photography, production designing, film editing/post production, IT management in media/film production, art direction/set, designing/construction, gaffer, script writing, props designing/production, visual/creative arts, modeling, choreography and music production for film.

This movement fosters a platform for continued knowledge transfer, budding youth entrepreneurship, networking and creating employment for the Nigerian/African youth. It’s an annual rallying point for Nigerian/African youths, university students, film-making industry players, actors, entertainment guilds/associations and stakeholders.

Congratulations to Major Dahnsaw, an indigene of Grand Bassa County.



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