Maisie Dunbar to Empower Young Liberians


Few weeks ago, Liberian-born entrepreneur Maisie Dunbar visited her country to launch her award winning product BluffaJo Cosmetics.

BluffaJo is a world-class care product that brings out that luxurious pampering, serenity and ultimate rejuvenation in you.

In this chat, we talk about the brand’s benefits to Liberian women.

LIB Life: A few days ago, you left Liberia for the US after launching your cosmetic brand Bluffajo, so tell us how will this brand benefit Liberian women?

MD: 1. My Brand is made by Liberians and for my people. We are a luxury brand that is concerned about the treatment of the skin. There are no fillers in our products.

LIB Life: Do you think this is the right time to make such an investment when the country is in a recession?

MD: I did not make an investment. I am not planning on doing a store in Liberia until after elections. I hosted a welcome to Liberia event because I had not been home in 37 years.

LIB Life: What’s your target audience and why?

MD: My target audience is the women that are looking for a luxury line that will not harm their skin or lips, and any person that understands great products.

LIB Life: Was the turnout or interest what you’d expected?

MD: Yes it was enough. The turnout encourages me to come and open a makeup store.

LIB Life: Which stores are gonna be carrying your brand?

MD: None for now; however, we are open. Kutin asked, but we did not confirm.

LIB Life: Thanks for the interview, any last words?

MD: My companies are totally committed to helping our community. When I do come home I do not only want to be able to hire people I also would like to empower the young people of Liberia.


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