Mae Azango’s ‘Voice of the Trumpetess’ to Launch this Week


Journalist Mae Azango, whose 2012 reporting on female genital mutilation won her several international awards, is set launch her debut book ‘Voice of the Trumpetess.’

The book tells the extraordinary story of her life – an epic of struggles, setbacks, renewed hope, and ultimate triumph.

Voice of the Trumpetess, which blends Liberian pidgin English with standard English, is a moving and exhilarating autobiography that comes with many good moral lessons.

The launch will take place at Palm Springs Hotel on Sunday, December 17. It will start at 5 PM with activities including reflections on the book from the author, Q&A with the author, and a choreographed performance dramatizing her life from the book.

The book will be on sale for US$15.

“The book is about my entire life as a child, youth, mother and a woman, and all that I have been through, but yet standing tall; some of life’s challenges and difficulties I went through as a young woman that could have broken me completely, but I stood my ground and passed through.

“So reading my challenges could help many young women who find themselves in similar situations to rise up and move ahead, instead of feeling sorry for their current situation,” Mae Azango said in an interview with this paper a few weeks back.

Voice of the Trumpetess opens with the dangerous circumstance surrounding the birth of her first child and back to her childhood, where her adopted father mistreated her and never liked the notion of her carrying his last name.

In the next two sections of the book, she talked about the unconditional love she received from her adopted mother, who happened to be her aunt, and the night she was molested by her uncle and how it was handled in a family manner without him facing justice.

She also talked about the abuses she went through with her first love, who didn’t hesitate to beat her up on many occasions. Throughout the book, Mae Azango was unfortunate in relationships, from one abusive man to another. But the worst one was when she had to cancel her wedding on the day itself, after she discovered her fiancé had another wife.

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