Mae Azango’s ‘Voice of the Trumpetess’ Highlights Her Life Struggles

Mae Azango

Mae Azango, an award-winning Liberian female journalist, said she is almost done with her debut book, ‘Voice of the Trumpetess.’

The book, which is expected to be a must read, chronicles her life from childhood to adulthood and the difficulties she endured during this period.

‘Voice of the Trumpetess’ depicts the physical abuses she went through as a child, her failed marriage and many more complicated life struggles she was able to stand tall to.

The book’s title is the result of her work as a journalist and the impact her stories have made addressing abuse and forcing the hand of the government out of inaction, and her continued advocacy for justice for marginalized groups.

“I came up with the title ‘Voice of the Trumpetess’ because the work I do as a journalist blowing the trumpet. And one example of this is the girls who were trafficked to Lebanon that the government denied at first; but due to the consistent publicity, government was forced to bring back sixteen girls from Lebanon to Liberia.

“The book is about my entire life as a child, youth, mother and a woman and all that I have been through, but yet standing tall – some of life’s challenges and difficulties I went through as a young woman that could have broken me completely, but I stood my ground and passed through.

“So reading my challenges could help many young women who find themselves in similar situations to rise up and move ahead, instead of feeling sorry for their current situation,” Mae Azango said.

She said she started writing the book in 2015.

She added: “The time it takes to write is even more then you can ever imagine. It is not a one, two, three, four or five days of writing, but months of writing; but self-determination will keep you going.”

The book is expected to have about 200 chapters and opens with a unique forward, adding that each page comes with new insight on her life.

Full review of this book coming soon!


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