Love Int’l School Names Latty Zarwu Art Ambassador

(L-R) Conah Johnson, Arts Instructor; Love Int'l Student Raymond Sackie and Amb. Latty Zarwu. (Photo Credit: Leslie Lumeh.)

For his creativity and passion for imparting creative knowledge to youth over the years, the Executive Director of Warrior Arts Christian Academy (WACA), Mr. Latty Zarwu, has been awarded “Ambassador of Art” by the Love International School System in Liberia.

Latty Zarwu, an artist by divine inspiration, has been using his artistic skills to train and develop children in the areas of arts and craft in his community and beyond for over the period of eight years.

Over 200 kids in and around Liberia have benefited from his gift.

In 2014 he brought together 40 kids between the ages of 7-17 years in a 3 months intensive training in painting, crafting and sewing. Most of his students are children but he offers special classes to young adults who are also passionate about exploring their creative abilities.

Conah Johnson, who was trained by Zarwu and obtained a certificate from WACA, presently teaches Arts & Craft at Love International School and is doing a great work with the students.

In his remarks, Zarwu explained, “I am very grateful to God and the administration of the Love International School System for the recognition received from the School Arts Department. This award was not expected.”

Zarwu assured Love International that he will use his role as Ambassador of the Arts productively and creatively in order to build up the institution’s Arts Department and work with various schools and communities to enhance their artistic skills.

He applauded the kids for their talent and creativity and encouraged them not to see their works as trash, as many Liberians sometimes refer to them, but to continue to use their talents to breed a new generation of artists.

He shared his story of how arts have helped him to achieve his education and other occupational pursuits, such as journalism. He is now a Candidate for a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development in Education at the African Methodist Episcopal University.

Ambassador Zarwu is calling on all Liberian artists, especially those who specialize in the areas of creative, fine, visual and performing arts to work with him in order for the dream of the nation’s future artists to be accomplished.

Zarwu is also urging the government of Liberia and NGOs to invest in arts and crafts for as it is another means of creating jobs for future artists in Liberia.

Among the many artists who were present at the occasion was Mr. Leslie Lumeh, the Director of the Liberia Visual Arts Academy. He was also recognized for his role in impacting many young Liberian artists today.

Latty thanked God for gifting him with artistic abilities because through them, he was able to establish an organization dedicated to arts and, through such work be recognized and named ambassador among many artists.

Love International School is a primary Elementary and Junior High School located in Central Matadi, SOS Road.

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