Lonestar Cell MTN Ditches Takun J for Quincy B


Renowned Afro Pop/R&B star Quincy B has signed on as the new, and ‘youthful,’ Brand Ambassador for Lonestar GSM company, replacing Takun J, who was the face of the telecommunications company for the past two years.

The deal in the works will feature the 21 year – old song writer, producer and singer as the face and voice of the brand from now until his contract ends.

The question is: Where does this leave Takun J, who signed a two year endorsement deal with Lonestar cell, whose face is still on some of the scratch cards, with commercials lingering on some radio stations?

A lot of people in the Liberian community are curious to know what really happened.

A chat with Nora Rahimian, Takun J’s manager and spokesperson, during Lady Emotionz late night magazine program on HottFm 107.9, exposed information that explains it all…

LIB LIFE: What is the relationship between Takun and Lonestar Cell?

NORA: Takun J is the first Liberian artist to have any kind of deal like that with a major company. For a couple of years we had a relationship with Lonestar and with any deal, the artist does his half and then the company does their half. In our case with Lonestar, we weren’t getting what we needed, the kind of support and recognition so it wasn’t an amicable fit, with our happy attitude to work with Lonestar. Takun as their brand ambassador, it wasn’t the right fit for us anymore.

LIB LIFE: How did Takun’s contract end?

NORA: When someone is an ambassador, we signed the contract; and when the contract ended, we chose not to renew the contract. We completed the two year term of the contract and both sides decided the way that we wanted to move on just wasn’t fitting anymore.

LIB LIFE: Do you think their working relationship is a strong one and will Quincy B be in good hands?

NORA: I think because Takun J was the first and we had two years with them, Lonestar was learning as we were going, there was a learning curve and Takun was kind of like the practice for them, so to speak. I think there is a lot of things that could have been done better so that Quincy B will reek the benefits from them. I don’t know what Lonestar’s long term vision is; really, it’s all love and no bad feelings. They’ve done a lot with other companies as for as entertainment in Liberia; it was time to move on, both for Lonestar and for Takun to do other things.

LIB LIFE: Do you think Quincy B will work out for Lonestar and also for the Liberian industry?

NORA: Anybody could die down in the industry and anybody could rise up, and the beauty of music is that there is enough success for everybody. Before, the people just kept supporting the artist. I remember when I was in Liberia, Quincy B was just starting out and to see in just a short time in how he was able to brand himself, move himself; he’s talented, it’s really kind of exciting to watch his projector, it’s cool, i think we need more artists like him who are taking the strategy and the business side along with the music.

LIB LIFE: How can an artist reach the terms Quincy B was been able to reach, marketed and finally placed in a business that will generate him money and further fame? You have done extraordinary things with Takun J’s career, and also artists who have been fortunate enough to work with you.

NORA: I think by having a manager who knows the business, you know not just anybody can wake up today and say I’m going to be a manager; but a manager who knows the business, who knows how to maneuver relationships and really pushing artists far. Also, an artist should be willing to show up, do the work, to take direction, so it has to be a team effort; an artist needs a team.

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