Lonestar Cell Beach Jamboree Ends in Chaos


The Lonestar Cell MTN concert on November 29, 2015 at Bernard’s Beach started off with great excitement, with performances from Soul Fresh, Quincy B, Classic man, Cypha D King, K-Zee Big Name, Speedo, Marvelous MC, Joseph Dean and Beat Master. Crowds of Liberian music supporters paid their entrance fees and received each a $5.00 scratch card in return. They were excited about the relatively free show.

Drinks, food and edibles were also sold by various vendors, as youthful teens swam in a nearby lagoon. Things seemed in control.

The show started around 6:00pm and went into 8:00 when DJ McGrady called Takun-J on the stage. At that moment Takun’s wife, two children and father were already on the stage awaiting his arrival.

“They were supposed to set up his band, but wouldn’t. the people were charging money to do it, which they shouldn’t have been doing,” stated his manager Nora Rahimian.

A man wearing a red shirt behind the stage sent the first bottle in retaliation to whatever was causing the delay for Takun to get on stage.

“We want Takun,” he shouted and cussed.

What came to follow afterwards was a heap of stones, bottles and flying objects being thrown at the entertainers and the camera men on stage.

Hundreds of people began fleeing, as some people were randomly hit with objects. Our LIB LIFE reporter was also injured while covering the incident and trying to run for cover.

“I had to jump out of the abandoned house that is on the beach,” they stated.

Takun, who was upset at the outburst from his fans, said, “I am okay and wasn’t hurt.”


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