Lone Star Cell MTN Search for New Brand Ambassador


-To replace the late Quincy B

By David A. Yates and Robin Dopoe Jr.

In its search for a new brand ambassador after the death of R&B star Quincy B, Lone Star Cell MTN has begun hosting a selection rally of musicians thorough a text message process.

The company’s brand and communications manager, Abigail Nufeatalai, noted that the selection process, which began a few days ago, is free.

She said the public will vote by texting the name of their favorite artist to 6060.

“At MTN Liberia, our vision is to build the lives of people with talents. We strongly believe in these local talents; and as a business entity, we want to build their talent through being our brand ambassador,” she said.

Madam Nufeatalai said that the GSM giant is on a journey to find another young talent, and the process is going to be free, transparent, and fair.

She added: “This time around, we give the public the opportunity to select their best brand ambassador, because we believe that Liberian people need to have a say in who represents them as ambassador.”

She said whoever is eventually selected as the company’s next brand ambassador will represent the company in Liberia as well as other countries where MTN operates.

“We are going to take all of the votes and narrow it down to ten finalists; after that, we’re going to move into the next phase before getting the winner,” she said.

Meanwhile, senior manager Ibrahime Daramie said the company is embarking on such a journey to give citizens the opportunity to decide who they want as their next brand ambassador that will represent MTN Liberia, and the country at large.

“The thing about being a brand ambassador is not just about yourself, but it also comes with your lifestyle and other good things that you will portray as MTN Liberia ambassador,” he added.

Representing the many artists that are part of the selection process, Tan Tan, son of Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, expressed gratitude to the company for undertaking such an initiative, adding that the selection of the brand ambassador will create the platform for other musicians to emulate the footsteps of the late Quincy B.


  1. Deng should win this because of his international experience that will add more quality to lone star in some key area of publicity


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