Local Movie “Freedom” Making Huge Waves


After a three-month delay releasing “Freedom”, the movie is taking the Liberian film industry by storm after selling 19,000 copies since its release.

According to Dream Debo, the film’s producer, his production company spent L$44,000 (approximately US$ 5,000) to produce “Freedom.” With the current sales intake at an unprecedented L$1,400,000, the movie has so far generated L$1,356,000 in total profits, with sales expected to grow in coming days.

Meanwhile, sales report from God’s Will Business Center, the sole distributor of the movie, revealed that during its first 11 days of release in February, “Freedom” sold 10,000 copies at the wholesale price of L$50.

The report also showed that an additional 9,000 copies were sold at a retail price for L$100. Tallying these figures gives a grand total of L$1.4 million in sales so far.

In a recent chat with LIB Life, Dream Debo said, “This is welcome news, and I’m happy for it! I think the way the public is going for this movie will encourage me to invest more in next project.

“I think this is good news for Liberian films as the sales continue to climb day by day. All this says is that filmmakers should engage in good movie production, with some exciting scenes that will cause the people to rush after it,” a local film pundit told LIB Life.

“Freedom” is based on General Akeen’s (played by Dream Debo) quest for power during the Liberian civil war, which saw the ambitious general engaged in the senseless massacre of innocent civilians. The general built an empire so bloody that civilians led by a local pastor started to protest his bloody reign. Demanding freedom, they were murdered in cold blood by the rebels.

Akeen’s bloody march to power created intrigue among his soldiers, who plotted his demise. Melvin G. Melvin, who plays the role of Brutus, conspired with a few other rebels and succeeded in overthrowing Akeen. He, however, fled with the aid of a devoted female rebel, vowing to return to take back his reign.

The movie follows the war narrative of revolutionaries who were tired with the uneven distribution of the country’s wealth but ended up being more of a detriment to the very civilians they were purportedly fighting for.

“Freedom” puts on display an experienced cast featuring Karie Walker and Isaac Sunday Sieh, two of Liberia’s hottest comedians, and E. Owusu Dahnsaw.


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