LMA Awards is Saturday


In an effort to showcase Liberian musical talent while affording artists the opportunity to enhance their presentation and skill, the Liberian Music Awards (LMA), which has been a vehicle for just such a prospect, is set to begin its second annual edition, expected to be graced by leading U.S entertainment moguls.

LMA bring together Liberian artists from all over the globe in order to celebrate their achievements and excellence on the international stage.
Out of the 28 categories the awards ceremony is expected to feature U.S.-based Liberian singer Jodi, who has six nominations: Artist of the Year, Afro Pop artist of the Year, Performer (s) of the Year, R& B artist, Album of the Year and Artist (s) of the year -U.S., followed by Georgee B, Togar Howard and G- Rize, with five nominations.

Joseph Dean and K-ZEE are the only local artists to have obtained four nominations.

The LMA awards ceremony will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, come June 27. The second edition of LMA will be televised live on Light TV channel 5 on Satcon.

In a statement last week the country representative of LMA said that former Nicki Minaj Manager Ms. Deb Antney, along with other top musical tycoons, has made a vow to attend the program in order to scot Liberian talent.

Liberia’s Culture Ambassador Juli Endee is currently in the U.S. for this year’s LMA. A source has disclosed that she, along with Tecumsay Roberts Jr., will be honored during the awards ceremony.

Kaifa Yamah, the Executive Director of LMA, said that “Plans are going well and there was not much difficulty experienced in hosting the awards.”

But the big question as to which one of the artists is poised to grab this year’s LMA, still looms on the horizon.

But despite the LMA’s success, which has been much welcome and anticipated, all hasn’t gone well for the organization and the recent US visa denial involving 18 Liberian artists that were due to perform at this year’s award remains a bitter pill to swallow.


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