LIVARTS: Nurturing Creativity


The Liberia Visual Arts Academy (LIVARTS) since its establishment in 2010 has remained committed to nurturing the creative ideas of Liberian children through Arts.

On June 27, 2014, LIVARTS celebrated its second closing and certification program for students who have shown some level of commitment to arts as was prescribed by the Institution.

The Certification ceremony, held on the institution’s campus within the compound of Alliance Francaise in Sinkor brought together parents, students, representatives from the French Embassy as well as the  Ministry of Education.

According to the Executive Director of LIVARTS, Mr. A. Leslie Lumeh, the institution remains committed to actively nurturing the creative ability of every child to become visual artists.

“We want all children regardless of race, creed or circumstances to achieve their full potential as creative people.

“Our task is to make it possible, and provide practical step by step approach to fundamental art”. Mr. Lumeh said.

LIVARTS Administrator, Mr. Leon Z. Wilson, reminded parents and students about the United Nations position on the Rights of the Child stated in the 1948 agreement declared in Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “education should be compulsory and free for children”. That acknowledge goal is as pertinent today as it was then. “It’s a goal I know we all share-the full development of every child.

“As a body, LIVARTs recognizes good arts skills established in childhood as the foundation to fulfilling and ongoing education,” he explained.

The Executive Director said it is the dream of LIVARTS to move from an Art Academy to a full Art Institute to be headquartered in Montserrado County. He was quick to mention that LIVARTS Academy will continue to exist but only in some of the major cities in the country.

He said the dream Art institute will cover a wide range of disciplines to include Literature, Film Making, Music, Dancing (or the Performing Arts), Drawing among others.

Speaking on behalf of the parents present, Mrs. Watta Y. Fumba thank the Academy for giving their children the opportunity to “explore their talents”.

For her part, Orianne Berraud, Project Manager at the France Embassy in Liberia, said arts is important for everyone and must be giving priority in every part of the country.

She said in achieving that, the Embassy remains committed to giving the necessary help needed by the LIVARTS institution.

Ms. Berraud revealed that the Embassy has a Social Development Fund for education, “to help support the programs and activities of other organizations,” she said.

Gabi Fernandez, another parent present at the occasion, told the students that arts helps provide discipline to young people. He said it also helps its practitioner see the good works of God and make it appear differently.

He admonished the students that with the practice of arts, they stand a chance of being great people in society.

The students thank all partners and sponsors for helping the schools administration, financially and morally for taking them thus far.

They reassured their parents that they will all make a difference because arts is very important to them.

The school which is made of a single classroom has a population of 31 students aging between 10 to 25.

For his part, Mr. Henry Appleton, Director, for Vocational  Education at the Ministry of Education, in presenting the certificates to the students, admonished them to remain focused in their studies at LIVARTS. “The Ministry [of Education] places high priority on vocational education in the country,” he said. “Because it is through vocational education that any nation can alleviate unemployment”.

He thank the donors and partners of the academy for their support to this initiative. He also commended the  administration of LIVARTS for working so hard to keep the school running.

LIVARTS is a community-based specialized training program for disadvantaged children with support from the U. S. And French Embassies in Monrovia in partnership with Daily Observer Newspaper.








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