Authorities of the Liberian Movie Union (LIMU) have signed a memorandum of understanding with Gideon Mission Pictures to begin training local filmmakers toward the improvement in the art of film making in Liberia.

The agreement, which was worked out last weekend, is intended to build the capacity of both members and non-members, and will be conducted by four Nigerian professional filmmakers who are due in the country shortly.

In a statement released to LIB LIfe, LIMU Vice President for Administration, Henry Johnson hailed the deal has a landmark agreement’ intended to totally change the movie production landscape in terms of quality and standard production.

“The process is open to anyone who has interest in it, as long they are into producing films. The training is in two phases: first is the general training that will last for a week, while the other the practical session is [also] for a week,” Johnson noted.

However, the Union’s deputy boss said although all filmmakers are encouraged to apply for the training, it is not offered free of charge.

He said general training is US$20 and LD$150 for the form. Technical training is being offered at US$30 and L$150.

“We already have agents on the field to make the registration process accessible to everyone and the union headquarters is also [accessible] for that purpose.

During the signing ceremony Gideon representative, Victor Pittman Hillman, lauded the farsightedness of the union for initiating such an agreement that meant well for the Liberian film industry.

He said the agreement is in the best interest of Liberian filmmakers, and urged them to take it seriously.

Training is expected to run from April 4-15.


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