LIB’s Very Own Ebola Playlist


Long after Ebola is gone, we will forever remember the holes it left in our hearts.  But until then, a number of Liberian musical artists have come up with a variety of very good tracks for the journey ahead. 

However you see it, this is one of the many roles of art in the human experience – to inspire hope, courage, healing.  These talented Liberians are helping us all find hope, courage and healing by transposing our concerns of this season into music.  Through their craft they are also spreading the word in ways that help those in denial to get the message and make it stick: Ebola is real.

Without further ado, below are the top 10 Songs by Liberian artists that are trending on Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube, with an indication of how much traction each has gathered online.  Some of these songs will have you humming to yourself in the bathtub, while driving, or when you can’t help thinking of the gravity of the situation and what you can do to help.  Meanwhile, enjoy and keep in mind that Ebola Is Real!

Ebola In Town- D-12, Shadow and Kuzzy of 2Kings (52,133 plays)

Ebola Song by JustPrince – Prince Sherman Thomas (3,729 plays) 

Save Liberia – Liberia All Stars (1,079 plays)

State of Emergency – Tan Tan B and Quincy B (3,810 plays)

Ebola In Liberia – 2C (500 plays)

Feel My Pain – Scientific (490 plays)

Lord Have Mercy – 2C (490 plays)

Ebola is real – JD Donzo (483 plays)

Ebola Na Good – J&B records & LBGV (158 plays)

SOS AFRICA – Jodi Clark, Munnah, Heyden Adama, Demi Grace, Sampahh (3535 plays)


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