LIB’s DJ Nelly Features on Debra Antney’s Be100! Online Radio

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African DJs and artists can be heard on Be100! Radio every Saturday from 12pm to 2pm Liberia time (7am to 9am EST). LIB already has a DJ or two featured on the platform including DJ Nelly.

“You need more people to follow your work and you never know who is listening, so it’s important that all efforts are applied from the DJs and artists,” says Franklin Norman, coordinator of the Be100! platform.

He says it is great for boosting one’s fan base on a broad level as DJ or artist, as the music is being heard by millions across the Internet.

According to him, the project is exciting, as responses are coming from everywhere on the continent. The first week trying to get mix tapes was not easy, but participants now understand the opportunity of the platform.

“In the beginning, we were looking for quantity, but we realize it is more of quality. Some of the current DJs are great with their craft and the end result is encouraging,” he said.

The founder of Be100! Internet Radio and ace artist manager, Debra Antney, is urging more African musicians and DJs to take advantage of the free mix platform, which offers more international recognition.

Her love for African music grew stronger after attending the Liberia Music Awards after party, hosted by two Liberian-owned music producers in Atlanta, Jeni Muzic and I Speak Music, earlier this year. Antney noted that the sound of music today from is amazing in all genres and that the drums, the beats, all of these sounds play a major role in today’s music from Africa.

“So, why can’t you get in there and really show how it is supposed to go? It’s a festival,” she said bluntly.

“This platform’s aim is to give participants a better marketable status internationally through their songs and mixes. It’s important that artists and DJs get involved by sending more mix tapes with quality,” said Norman, who is also a music producer and head of Jeni Muzic.

Antney, who brought top female rapper Niki Minaj to the limelight, hosts regular events for up-and-coming musicians and entertainers looking to make headways in the industry. Next weekend she will be hosting another such event in Atlanta.

The launch of the platform by the U.S. top female artist manager is clear indication of her vision to invest in native African talent.

“I love helping people and open up doors for individuals, that turns me on,” she told LIB Life.


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