Meet Liberian Inventor Reuben Murray


Meet Liberian inventor Reuben Murray. His story of exceptional creativity in electronics and technology started at at very young age, when he used to mine electronic parts from discarded radios for his experiments in his native Bong County.

Over time he made his first two-way radio (walkie-talkies) he used to communicate with schoolmates.

“I took up an interest in finding simple solutions to communication problems. I made my own walkie-talkies so I could talk to my schoolmates after school.

“I wanted to keep in touch with them at a time when only the super-rich had cellphones,” he said.

Murray said his progress was stifled when the civil war intensified in 2000, with him having to seek refuge in a village to save his life, which did not squash his passion for electronics.

Fast forward to 2008, when he built a radio transmitter he tested on Radio Kehgheaman in Ganta and later Voice of Pleebo (former James FM), which was followed by a focus on developing a wide range of devices useful to daily life, and affordable.

His experimenting led to his invention of an engine control system for cars, motorbikes and other moving objects. Made of a transistor, resistor, capacitor, rectifier diode and a cellphone board, the device is controlled via a cellphone by dialing a secret code to either start or stop the motorized object.

Murray said the code sends a signal to the device’s control board, which then contacts the motor’s electrical system to either activate or deactivate the system.

“The device’s board and the cellphone are connected through a secret code that works regardless of the vehicle’s location.

“Once you deactivate that car or the motorbike by just dialing the code, it will not move without the activation code.

“So if someone stole a car, its engine can be cut off by just by dialing the deactivation code and it will immediately stop,” said the Liberian inventor.

Murray tried, tested and proved his discoveries, including his electronic defense and backup system at the Daily Observer offices in Paynesville yesterday.

Mounted to your front door, the electronic backup system sends a signal by calling the homeowner, who is connected to an interface where the system owner can communicate with the individual that breaches the boundary set up by the system while the owner is away.

The homeowner will speak direct to the person, even from inside the house. The electronic defense system works along

The engine control system in a box and the electronic door locker

with the electronic backup system when the home is under attack.

“I invented these devices to save life and property. However, I have not been able to mass produce because of limited funds. I have begged for support but it has not happened yet.

“To get materials for more experiments, I still have to beg technicians for their old electronic appliances or sometimes visit the dumpsites to pick them up,” he said.

Reuben Murray is calling on well meaning Liberians and non Liberians to help fund the mass production of his money and life saving devices.


  1. Sounds great! But it seems/sounds like, Reuben is reinventing what’s already been INVENTED. He’s simply putting parts together and coming out with same old products; nothing new. In the PATENT WORLD, it’s called reinventing the old MOUSE TRAP. To be an invention, it must be totally none-existing; never made by anyone else. Remote starter and motor control systems via numberical codes, have been in existence for quite some time now. Nice try Reuben. You need to talk to a PATENT EXAMINER or a PATENT LAWYER. My Regards! Thanks! for your efforts. God bless…

  2. Reuben is a genius who needs support. There are people that have huge salaries and still crave for increment only to lavash it and when they shal have left the job, appear like wet chicken. They have no commercial thinking. Now, with this young man’s knowledge, such people that I have mentioned above could invest in him by improving his products and will be a source of extra income as well as job opening for some unemployed persons. I do live abroad but never have I heard about device that stops a stolen car by its owner just by pressing a code except by building GPS that can locate the position of the car. The alarm system is a good one for the purpose of trespassing and criminal activities. Well done and I hope you get the help you want

  3. I thank you for your comment, but what I am working on is for security to have control on every vehicle in the country, yes, GPS and the engine control system can work together, GPS will locate your vehicle and the engine control system will stop the engine from running. If this technology is supported no need for police to chase criminal vehicle, only find the engine code, the criminal will be arrested. Reuben Murray

    • Reuben; please do some research. This technology is nothing new. There is a device that can jam the electronics in any vehicle and completely shut off the motor/engine. Write to popular science magazine and talk to a PATENT EXAMINER or PATENT LAWYER; before proceeding any further. You may face a LAW SUIT, if you put out something that have already been INVENTED. My Regards!

  4. This engine control system can control engine from any part the world if you just enter your secret code on your phone, not just a short range remote control.

    • Hey! Reuben; when/if in the INVENTIONS BUSINESS, be careful who you trust, with your knowledge. Your Idea can easily be stolen by some smart cat. As a matter of fact, you can only call it yours, after it has been PATENTED and made available as a “NEW PRODUCT.” Anyone you deal with, must give you their trust; that they will not use/reveal your IDEA(S) to anyone else. Again, Good Luck! God Bless… I/We are/will be very proud of you–our own Liberian Inventor, Reuben Murray. My Regards!

  5. Hi Reuben,
    I am an Electrical Engineer who is interested in your work. How can I contact you to chat about your work? I will like to meet and chat with you about your inventions.
    Anthony N. Selli

  6. My brothers and sisters, electronic technology makes the world a beautiful place today and we all are enjoying it. No need to just sit and talk, this is the time to prepare our born and unborn children to be thought with this new technology, this is how America, Israel, China Japan and other white countries are powerful today, one white man came up with his ideas, he was not sent away, he was not criticized, he was not sent away because he speaks different language but he was taken and well supported with everything he wanted, today we all are enjoying the ideas of that man, today I have come up with this idea, I was only criticized, no plan for supporting this idea to train our children, but will wait until it is late than become a pass story. I only when to a local electronic school, and I have come up with lots of electronic idea that can save lives and property but no one is waiting to support. Aaaaa aaaaa African people why? My number is :231886470879/231777419950

  7. Hey Reuben keep doing what you are doing do not allow any one to discourage your dream or dreams. Some Liberian will say negatives about things they are not able produce but don’t give up let those negative comments be your strenght


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