Liberia’s Top Five Downloaded Songs


Last week we had a few new released songs that were trying to battle older ones for the top five most downloaded songs from Liberia’s biggest music portal, Tunes Liberia, for the week ending June 18, 2016.

Below is the list of the top five most downloaded songs…let’s kick the ball rolling from number 5:

5. Ne-Oh William Feat. Soul Fresh – Money Been Calling.

This is a hot banger talking about these guys’ dreams to live a celebrity lifestyle by making more money, but one thing that is not clear yet is whether or not the single was produced before the rap duo Soul Fresh were rumored to be imprisoned in China.

The song’s name speaks for itself; it is gradually making noise on a few radio stations in town.

Number 4: Teddy Ride and Teass – Girl of My Dream

Quickly to fourth place, this single is actually a smash for the Afro pop hit maker; and since the song’s release, it has been doing well on the charts and enjoying a good time over the airwaves.

One thing that not many of you know is that Teddy Rider and his producer Rawlo had a serious misunderstanding that led to Rawlo slapping him.

Number 3: Kobazzie –Mr. DJ

Grabbing third place so tight is Kobazzie, with Mr. DJ; and the artist is currently one of the fastest rising locally based artists with an epic flow. He recently he won the New Artist of the Year award at the Liberia Music Awards.

One thing you don’t know about this catchy lyricist is that he is a father of one.

Number 2: C.I.C. Feat. Mr. Smith – Rude Boy

Being on the number two spot means you are at the very top. However, C.I.C did not make a mistake by featuring Mr. Smith because he killed it, too. The only thing here is that part of the lyrics are not for kids.

Number 1. Young Wiz Feat. Teddy Ride – Up and Down

On the number one spot is the newest sensation Young Wiz, who featured Teddy Ride, whose flow on this track helped it to reach this far. It is truly a nice song worth listening to. It is also not for minors.

That’s it for now; join us next week for another one.



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