Liberia’s Representative to Mr. Universal Ambassador Appeals for Aid


Liberia’s representative to this year’s Mr. Universal Ambassador to be held in Indonesia, Clarence Cooper, is appealing to patriotic Liberians to assist with the purchase of his round trip ticket.

“At the moment,” Clarence said, “I have not paid for my round trip to Surabaya, Indonesia, where the event’s final is to be held,” adding that one of the Ministers at the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism informed him that there is no government budget for such an initiative.

“I want to use this medium to encourage some patriotic Liberians reading this interview to please see the need to contribute financially to the purchase of my round trip ticket to Indonesia,” he added.

Clarence put the cost of the ticket at US$2,585 and said all other necessary requirements including costume has been completed with the help of some friends.

Mr. Universal Ambassador is a male pageant that seeks to discover an impressive male that can promote world youth affairs by cooperating with international nongovernmental organizations.

The winner will also be awarded a one-year contract to work with UNICEF to promote youth related issues around the world.

The event runs from November 3-13.

“The sooner you make a contribution, the better it will be for me to make my dream come true.” Clarence, the only person on the trip, said.

“I do not want my finances, time and efforts that I have invested into this great endeavor to not be realized.”

Despite the current situation, the Liberian representative remains optimistic and is determined to tell the world that regardless of the civil war Liberia’s talented youth can contribute positively to global agenda.

Keeping the momentum high Clarence noted that the race to Indonesia has not been easy, but “I am determined to make it there, I will use my abilities and God given talent to battle for the crown.”

A bright chance that has unfolded for the country’s struggling modeling industry to be recognized on the international level will depend on if Liberia’s representative can be in Indonesia before November 1.

Meanwhile, before one can participate in the ongoing voting process, he/she need to have a Facebook account.

To vote: log on to Facebook, search for Mr. Universal Ambassador and like the page. A link will then be available to enable you to vote.

Each person is eligible to vote three times a day, and voting ends on November 10.


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