Liberia’s Hottest Young Star


Afro-pop singer Princess Myers, so commonly known as Mai Myers has a wonderfully stylish look and a natural voice of talent.

Aged 20, Mai sings about love, trying to hold on to it and realizing when to let go and be strong about it when there’s a need to.

Her first single, ‘Am I your lover,’ is a prime example, the award winning songstress sings about a girl whose dating a player who has a lot of women. At the same time, he has a wife who supports him and after catching him in his triangle of deception, she continues to ask the same question, while not wanting to let him go.

Mai was recently signed to PIFF Entertainment, run by CEO and business mogul, Andrew Samuka. This was a swift decision made right after he split ties with Togar Howard, another promising Liberian talent that had a strong business relationship with his then manager, Samuka.

“I don’t manage Togar anymore, but he is still signed under my Label. He signed a 5 album deal,” Samuka added.

Samuka also managed the US-based hit songstress Munnah before Togar Howard, “and she was managed and promoted on a major level.  The moment she got a chance she started doing sneaky things and Management dropped her. That’s the problem we face, we can’t sue because there ain’t no money in our industry yet,” Samuka added.

No one seemed to notice the quick business transition in which Andrew made, because Mai, his newest star, surprised everyone with her steady paced ability to hold ground like her former mate, Togar Howard. Mai proved to be the real deal and the next best thing.

“We are ready to take over Liberia and put some respect on the females in the game; Mai Myers is the truth. She is a new artist on the scene but is already making noise, mehn. Right now Mai is the #1 Female artist based in USA and is being booked back to back as a headliner,”Samuka added.

Mai released her second banger ‘Am I your only lover,’ the sequel to her first single after the much accepted reaction from her EP. Performing opening acts for world stars like Tekno, Olamide, Phyno, Maleek, Berry, Sauti Sol and more, Mai has already taken awards home.
“She was nominated Best New Artist last year 2016. This year she won Best Artist of the Year USA 2017 (Liberian Entertainment Awards Australia) and took hold of an award for best new act at the LEA Australia 2016/2017 due to all the lime light she has created around her stunning look and great voice,” he added.

In ‘Am I your only lover,’ Mai sends the message that she is fed up and continues to ask her lover if she should stay or walk away from the relationship.

Meanwhile, the topic about the level in which female artist are being promoted always seems less important when the industry is so busy catching up with all the latest hot male stars. This type of ponder is rarely heard, leaving talented artists like First Lady Sweetz, Mai Myers, Queen V, Lady Skeet, Lady Mouthphy and others grossly starved of much needed publicity.

As for Mai, she says her career is about having her fans relate to her music. Through her songs, those listening will relate to the hard times, struggles and understand that they are not alone in it.

“I want to encourage my fans to never give up. I will make great world music that’s going to leave prints in people hearts,” Mai added.

With her humble heart and amazing voice, Mai’s positive outlook and humble soul has inspired many female artists along the way, to reach for their dreams.

Keep your eyes on Mai Myers because this is just the beginning and follow these links to some of her songs and join the fan base too.

Mai Myers – Control

AK Feeling Man Feat. Mai Myers – Cant Take It No More


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