Liberia’s Hottest Party Thrower Sets Date for Birthday Bash


If you have a calendar and somewhere to jot down one of the most exciting and turned up events to hit Liberia, you’re going to want to take note that Hazem Harb’s, commonly known as Double H, all Black and White Bday Bash is set for July 9, 2016.

Hottfm’s partner and long time friend, Double H, has brought in a new way of having fun and pulling in crowds during big events. His social group includes thousands and for everywhere he turns up, so does his followers. He has been bringing in a lot of money for events, concerts and so many other gigs.

This time around it’s his 8th Annual Bday Bash. An event that you’ll walk in feeling like a million bucks with all the swag affiliated with party goers, and those there to have a good time celebrating the birth of one of Liberia’s greatest supporters.


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