Liberian Star Yung Muse Thrills Atlanta Festival


In the course of breaking into the U.S music industry, Young Muse has shared the same stage with acclaimed artists including Bone Crusher at the A3C (All 3 Coasts) Festival and Conference in Atlanta over the weekend.

Former Nicki Minaj manager Debra Antney was so excited about Yung Muse’s performance that she couldn’t stop dancing until his performance ended.

She called him a great performer that knows how to pull the crowd to their feet.

The ‘Never Scare’ hit maker Bone Crusher also heaped praises on the Liberian artist describing his performance as, “good job” and “remarkable.”

Although the crowd appeared silent when Yung Muse started performing the song ‘Khala’, however, by the third song, everybody was in vibe dancing along to the song.

Members of the crowd shouted, “Keep doing it; it is great, we love you. Your sound is amazing and it is incredible.”

Franklin Norman, who is a music producer and head of Jeni Muzic said, “Young Muse represented Liberia and made us win. I can’t describe this performance tonight, it was just great.”

Before his performance, Young Muse said, “I go by the name Yung Muse. I’m a Liberian live in Philadelphia and I’m about to this for my country,” waving the Liberian flag.

“I just want to appreciate Be100 online radio team and Ms. Antney for a great opportunity to perform at the A3C festival. It means a lot for the Liberia music industry and me as a person.” Yung Muse said after his performance.

He said that the festival was a great opportunity to learn a lot about the music business, adding that Ms. Antney was very inspirational and looks forward to working with her.

Other performers that moved the crowd included Nation Boy, Maybaxh Hot, Wooh DA Kid, LIL George and other upcoming artists.

The A3C is the preeminent hip-hop event in the US and is commonly referred to as, “hip-hop’s family reunion.”

The festival has matured from a regional showcase to an internationally recognized and nationally acclaimed event that encompasses many aspects of hip-hop culture.

A3C also educate upcoming artist on the music industry’s ins and outs and how to approach different situations within the industry.


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