Liberian Singer in Miami Held for Child Abuse, Animal Cruelty


A Liberian-born entertainer based in Miami, Florida (USA) is being held on a US$50,000 bail by authorities on a number of charges following a series of tantrums she threw with her children, their puppy and her boyfriend of seven years, The Miami Herald reported last week. 

Charlotte Wonjah, 26, is accused of beating her 8-year-old son with a rope and killing their English bulldog puppy by repeatedly slamming the pet on the floor in front of her children, according to The Miami Herald.

She remained in jail Friday after a New Year's Day court appearance on child abuse and ‘cruelty to animals’ charges.She admitted to ‘anger issues’ and said she ‘did not want to clean after the dog’, according to US authorities.

Wonjah was booked into jail Tuesday after police say she attacked her boyfriend, Juan Suarez, when he returned home with gifts for their children from his mother. She faces two counts of misdemeanor battery for that episode.

Speaking to CBS Miami, Juan said that he called police Tuesday when his girlfriend attacked his 14-year-old daughter from a previous marriage.

Suarez said Wonjah 'went ballistic' and started hitting, punching and biting him for no apparent reason. When his daughter tried to intervene, Wonjah allegedly turned on the teen, hitting her in the face and throwing her against a wall.

Wonjah had two prior arrests for battery charges dating from April 2013 and August 2013, according to US authorities.

Wonjah's boyfriend said the boy told him that Wonjah repeatedly struck him with a hangar and a rope in the bathroom.

Officers investigating the domestic incident also learned that Wonjah had killed the family's 1-month-old English bulldog puppy by repeatedly slamming the helpless animal against the floor.

‘She has some serious issues to get rid of,’ said Suarez. ‘She needs some help and some counseling and to stay away from kids until she get better or she is going to hurt them.’

Suarez revealed that the 26-year-old is four months pregnant with their second child together, a son.

Wonjah is a Miami musician and certified nursing assistant.

The boyfriend said he had stayed with Wonjah all these years for the sake of their children, but now he wants to raise them on his own.


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