Jon Bricks, Scientific and Takun J

Nothing has so influenced the emergence of rappers as an active force in Liberia’s music industry than the coming into force of a new breed of talent that has also helped to shape the sound and make it pleasing to the ears through hip-co.

Of late, these emcees have been riding high in the international music market, and helping to take our sound to the world.

Without further delay, here are some of the names of the few Liberians who are making their motherland proud.

Takun J

Although he has not done any official collaboration with top foreign artist, Takun remains a rap legend. As a pioneer for the pioneers of hipco, his songs are recognized both locally and internationally for addressing socio-political issues.

Takun J was named as an anti-rape ambassador due to his work addressing social issues.

Having thrown his hat into the political arena, it is difficult to recognize rappers that fought to make rap music loved in Liberia without naming the ‘They Lie’ crooner.

Jon Bricks

Celebrating his 12th year in the music industry, Jon Bricks is also a rap legend. Since entering mainstream music, Jon Bricks has set numerous records like becoming the first Liberian artist to sign a distribution deal with AFRICORI, the leading digital music distributor in Africa.

Jon Bricks’ remix of the massive hit “Action (off & on)” featuring Chinese superstar Zheng Zheng makes him the first Liberian to feature a Chinese artist in a song.

During a performance at the just ended Korean Afro International Festival in Seoul, another first for a Liberian artist, Jon Bricks shut down the club on the second day of his performance.


Based in Ghana, Scientific is considered as one of the best emcees in Africa. His music and influence are something upcoming artists are aspiring to reach.

The ‘Rotate’ hit maker featured Sarkodie on his single “I Like You Girl,” which helped endear him to music lovers in that country.

Inspired by his lyrics, Sarkodie in return featured Scientific in his song ‘Ghetto,’ that turned out to become a hit, which expanded Scientific’s fan base in that West African country.


  1. Thanks to those stars that have been listed, even though there are still a few like Young Muse, Apaco Z who that are not listed now, but with high hopes that their efforts are one day going to be brought to light. Thanks to D.O for the effort too.
    Go hipco, go!!

  2. Comment: It is always good to know those that are contributing to entertainment in our Country. shout out to all of our Artists that are doing well in Mama Liberia. As a promoter ,I will help move entertainment to another level.


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