Liberian Rapper Tito Gee Talks New Single and Upcoming Album


‘Fullor place,’ Tito Gee’s newest single is now out. The single comes with all the ingredients that make for a good song, including catchy verses that anyone can easy sing along to.

The US-based Liberian rapper, who entered mainstream music less than three years ago, has been dropping hits one after another gaining him acclaim and recognition as one of Liberia’s best rapper in the Diaspora.

And this new single, ‘Fullor place,’ done in collaboration with Shine P is well cooked to meet your playlist’s demand, whether you are partying, or even out jogging. The rapper, who is currently working on his first studio album, talked about the message behind this new song and his upcoming album.

LIB LIFE: Wow, this single from your upcoming project is nice. It comes with a little bit of an up-tempo sound. Tell us about ‘Fullor place’ and what mood you were in when you made the track.

Tito Gee: Yea, for sure. When I was recording this song I decided that I wanted to create something that would relate to everyone. Usually, when I’m doing a record, I think about a lot of people, and how it will connect to my fans.

While it is true that I’m a versatile artist, I cannot say this single is different for the others. It’s just another piece of who I am. During the process of cutting the record, Shine P and I had numerous conversations about music and life and how artists need to connect the two; so we decided to make something real, something that people see every day.

Music is my passion. It’s my love. It’s something I get up thinking about. But it’s also a mode of resistance. So for me to create a mood for people are what I wanted to do with this record.

LIB LIFE: How far have you gone with your new album, and what’s the title?

Tito Gee: I’m still working on it; almost done but don’t have a name yet. However, the album will constitute songs ranging from my life and everything that happens from day to day. It will come with catch vibes and it will range from Afrobeat to dancehall and more.

LIB Life: Over the last few years, you have collaborated with several top rated Liberian artists. So how has working with these artists helped you, looking at the diversity of their sounds?

Tito Gee: Working with some of these artists including the current one is great. It helps me a lot. I have learned so much working with them and the lesson learned has help shaped my life.

LIB Life: How long did it take you to cook this hot banger right now? What’s the message and how was the creative process like?

Tito Gee: It took little about two weeks to do this song. The song is about people who also poke into their friends’ life. I’m sending out the message to take care of you responsibilities before you go into the world and try doing the most to impress people.

LIB Life: Thanks for the interview and any last words?

Tito Gee: Album coming soon. And I promised you that it will be cooked with more better and unique ingredients.


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