US-based Liberian model Candace Sayonkon

says international Liberian model Candace Sayonkon

US-based Liberian model Candace Sayonkon has described Liberian politicians seeking elected office in the 2017 presidential and legislative elections as “visionless.”

The tall dark-skinned model explained that Liberian politicians not true reformers; and because of that, their political manifestos don’t answer the questions of sustainability and decentralization.

She added that worst of all, their so-called political manifestos don’t have a timeframe for implementation neither do they have a mean focal point.

Secondly, Candace said politicians in Liberia are not visionaries, because they build their political platforms on people’s opinions, instead of building them on a foundation of fundamental truths and realistic and achievable goals.

“Whenever a politician has a platform that is built on the foundation of fundamental true, it is based on principle and absolute truth, not promises that are unrealistic.

“In addition, a visionary leader is not overambitious; he or she will not do certain things just to get to the top like giving money to people during election time or carrying out quick impact project just to grab the their votes.

“A visionary politician is a person of integrity; he or she speaks the truth. He or she leads by moral authority and represents all that is best in his or her countrymen. But it’s sad to say that that leader has not yet been born. As a matter of fact, none of our politicians contesting the 2017 elections possesses any one of these characteristics,” she added.

She said Liberian politicians today don’t have a clear vision of the country that will produce measurable outcomes, “rather they pretend to.”

“These politicians are egoistic, greedy for power or attention. This is the reason why they are carrying on quick impact projects, buying voter registration cards, giving out loans, or so-called scholarships in a short period of time, because the people are poor. When they do these things, the people feel that they are good leaders and in return vote them to power.

“You see, a visionary leader cannot do all these things for power. Only fake leaders will do everything to climb the corridors of power,” she said.

She further explained that since Liberian politicians are visionless, they are unable to recognize the country’s major problems on the horizon, which will help them find solutions to the country’s problems, not only for the short-term, but also for the long.

“Watch my words; come 2017, none of these politicians will produce a political manifesto, whether small or large, which will be reasonable and achievable and directed towards long term results, not quick and temporary fixes that may backfire.

“Another characteristic of a visionary leader, which our politicians don’t have, is that a good leader says a thing as it is, even if it feels uncomfortable for many to hear. He or she is not a people pleaser or say anything to please others.

“It is sad to say that politicians in Liberia care only to be politically correct, but not ethical. If Liberia will grow, and be developed, we need a visionary leader who understands that in order for the whole society to be functional and healthy, people need to be accountable for their actions; as well as helping people understand that they are accountable to their society and its outcome, and teaches them to make compromises and responsible choices,” she said.

She added that “sadly, none of these presidential political aspirants possesses these qualities, so the development of Liberia is far behind, unless we get that leader.”




  2. This is why you see so many ‘political parties’ in Liberia today all in the name ‘democracy’. 1) because there is no trust. 2) there is no truth and 3) there is no vision! The list could go on and on… Once again, Liberians may perish for decades to come simply because there is no vision.

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