Liberian Painter Leslie Lumeh to Feature in L’Afrique des Lumières Art Exhibition


Internationally acclaimed Liberia artist Leslie Lumeh will exhibit his work at the Lumières d’Afriques exhibition scheduled for Paris in November.

The exhibition will feature 54 contemporary artists, one from each African country.

According to the organizer of L’Afrique des Lumières, each artist will create artwork inspired by the theme which actually means “Africa of Enlightenment”.

“Through their creations, the 54 painters, sculptors and photographers will offer visions, hopes, dreams and fears, depicting the complexity, power and the richness of contemporary African art,” the organizers stated via a press release. “This exceptional exhibition is also an artistic engagement that brings to light the issues facing the African continent’s future through its access to energy.”

The release noted a large portion of the population lacks access to electricity, which greatly impedes development opportunities across the continent.

Each participating artist will submit an original work that contests the vision of Africa, often poorly understood and stereotyped. The exhibition seeks to capture the artistic force and its inspiration on many levels, through the intensity of the artists’ look at their current reality and through the depth of the global issues linked to development of the continent.

Lumières d’Afriques exhibition is intended to foster the renewal of African art and philosophy in the 21st century.

A source close to the organizers said: “Leslie was chosen because his artwork clearly inspired the minds and displays a contemporary picture of
Liberia as soon as people take a look at his pieces on display.

“As a recognized artist, his artwork is unique and makes powerful images, and if an individual observes it, they feel something strong, a unique interplay of colors is displayed in their mind,” the source further narrated.

“Leslie’s painting describes vividly the life to rebuild and the struggle, which citizens have to undergo in their daily lives for survival,” the source added. “This is the kind of artwork that the organizers need.

Other notable African artists engaged in this project include Barthélémy Toguo (Cameroon), Athi-Patra Ruga (South Africa), Gonçalo Mabunda (Mozambique), Hassan Musa (Sudan) and Berry Bickle (Zimbabwe).

Also, Soly Cissé (Senegal), Aida Muluneh (Ethiopia), Steve Bandoma
(Democratic Republic of Congo), Jamila Lamrani (Morocco), Abdoulaye
Konaté (Mali), Cyrus Kabiru (Kenya), and Paul Sika (Ivory Coast) will contribute works.

Admission to the exhibit will be free of charge, in the spirit of open access and bringing the spirit to life.


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