Liberian Designs Star at Baltimore Fashion Week


Liberian fashion designers were praised for showcasing quality couture that stirred the crowd at the just ended 8th Annual Baltimore Fashion Week.

Angie H and Crystal Wonyen, the two Liberian designers that participated in the event, displayed designs that personified their individual styles, ranging from bridal wear to specialty t-shirts to diverse designs.

As the Angie H collection swung the runway, it captured the attention of women of all ages, and Angie was bold enough to introduce her exceptional collections.

Another Liberian designer that pulled the audience with her amazing designs was Crystal Wonyen.

“Liberian designs shown on the runway were the best I ever saw in my fashion career, especially the Angie H dress with the opening. It was elegant,” Sharan Nixon, founder and owner of the Baltimore Fashion week, said.

“I had to leave my commentator post on many occasions just to come spy models that were wearing Liberian designs because the crowd was always going viral,” she noted.

Ms. Nixon said they did a very good job by mixing their designs together with African fabric.

“For me, Liberian fashion is made of quality, it was gorgeous,” she explained.

Thrilled by the event, Ms. Nixon said the show created the platform that gives opportunity to designers and Liberian brands to show their collection to the world.

She said “I’m glad that skills and talents of the designers were incredible and the audience loved it as I do.”

Baltimore Fashion Week is an annual fashion show that creates opportunity for designers to present their collection to buyers, boutique owners, clients, and fashion trendsetters.

This year, Fashion events witnessed a large number of new designers and designs that have taken part in numerous international Fashion shows.

The event ran from August 11-16, 2015, with 20 designers showcasing their designs.

“For this year’s show, we went back to our roots, ranging from site to designers,” Ms. Nixon added.

She Nixon appealed to Liberian designers to not change their style but rather improve its mixture.

She also emphasized that fashion is whatever is designed for the public in stylish ways that attract the attention of people who love fashion; and Liberians have grasped that concept.

Meanwhile, the Founder of Liberia Fashion Marketing Junda Morris Kennedy has congratulated the designers for a job well done.

“It brings me such a joy to be able to introduce Liberian fashion to international viewers, especially people from my organization,” she said.


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