Liberian-born Rap Artist and Author Surprises the Homeless for Festive Season


After the release of his memoir, “Homeless with a record deal: The moments of Luxury now,” last month, super talented Hip Hop artist, rapper, singer, poet, record producer and actor kNero Lapaé Edwards reached out to the homeless, a state he once found himself in.

“Earlier this year we were crammed up in my truck hopping from hotel to hotel. Still this year we do the same, but to pack the truck to give back to the homeless. Situations are never permanent. Love yours,” he stated via Facebook chat.

During Thanksgiving season, kNero and his family gathered resources to hand out clothes, shoes and other things that the homeless will need during the cold winter season.

“Picked up some donations then went out to support those in need. Shout out to everyone that donated clothes, sneakers, etc. Your blessings will come tenfold. The universe attracts what you give,” he shared.

According to the memoir that was just published by kNero and already being sought out by all his fans, kNero has lived an interesting life, a life of struggle, political ties and fame.


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