Liberian Artists Pushed to the Back Seat for Weah’s Inauguration

President-elect George M. Weah

During the election, President-elect Georgia Weah was associated with several famous A-list local artists whose support for his campaign played a crucial role in helping him win the coveted presidency.

But, as his inauguration fast approaches, things appear that when it comes to performing at the inauguration, those artists that supported Weah are now been pushed to the back for foreign artists.

Although names of artists are far from being settled, sources close to the inauguration committee on entertainment revealed that we should expect invited international non-Liberian acts like Fredrick Meiway and Chidinma, from Guinea and Nigeria respectively; although Chidinma is said to be asking for over US$10,000 before she comes for the inauguration.

Interestingly, a source said these international artists are about to be paid more than the Liberians artists who will be performing before the president makes his inaugural speech.

“Allowing foreign artists to perform before the Liberian artists, most especially before the president’s inaugural speech, is a complete disgrace and a huge setback for them.

“This is bad news for our struggling music industry, which is in a fight to attract investment despite the abundance of talent. This is a clear devaluation of the talent of Liberian artists as they are only allowed to perform at the inaugural ball,” the source said. “This sends a message to the high profile international guests that we lack good musicians in our country.”

The source added that if no action is taken by the incoming president to correct this wrong and injustice that is about to happen, it will completely discourage any potential investor from investing in the music industry.

“Such an occasion is the best medium to sell the talent of Liberian artists to potential investors, and not time to promote foreign artists. It is frustrating that Liberian artists are being pushed aside by some selfish people who do not care to see growth in the industry,” the source added.

Meanwhile, during the inauguration, there will be cultural displays from Liberia’s cultural ambassador Julie Endee and her personal culture troupe.


  1. I will be disappointed if this news is true. During my time living in Liberia, we had about one or two known recording artists namely Morris Dorley and Miatta Fuhbulleh. Unlike yesteryears, there many recording artists in Liberia today. They are not only making music but they are making very good music. I have followed the progression of Liberian Music during and after the civil crises in Liberia. I am in the diaspora. I am an older Liberian DJ who have been in the US for over 30 years. I am very impressed with the level at which musical artists of Liberia are progressing. When we have Liberian parties in the States nowadays, most Liberian older people, young adults and kids who were not even born in Liberia want most of the music to be of Liberian origin. Don’t get wrong. Music of other nationals are played but very limited. We are not lock of party music from Liberia today like in the ’70s or ’80s. I mean Liberia is on the rise musically. Maybe you are not noticing it because you are living in Liberia. For an example, my sister-in-law came to visit us in 2015; the song entitled “#9” was the party rockers here. She was surprised because she said they do not even listen those kinds of music in Liberia. And I asked her why?
    I say to the organizing committee: Let’s promote our own. Liberian musicians are trying. Let’s promote them. Can you imagine some Liberian music are now being played in Ghanaian parties ? Coming back to your President Elect George Manneh Weah; When that man started playing soccer in Liberia, most Liberians did not take him serious. They would rather be talking about Sekou Bamba of the Ivory Coast, Zico of Brazil or Maradona of Argentina. Little did they know that one of Africa’s and the world’s finest players was on the rise and would come from Liberia. Let’s promote Ericgeso, Deng, Christoph, PCK, and many more around the world.
    Thank You

    • You couldn’t have put it any better. We need to support and promote our own. By the way, the reporter spelled the President-Elect name as ‘Georgia’ instead of ‘George’ in the opening paragraph. Liberia has a tendency of disregarding its local content and promoting foreign brand.

  2. Only Liberian artists should be allowed to perform during the swearing-in ceremony.
    It is up to George Oppong Weah to have foreign artists performing in his bedroom after the ceremony.

    But if he slaps our musicians in the face during his inauguration, We Will Remember during the next election in the year 2024!

  3. George Oppong Weah has three citizenships: Liberia, France, and USA.

    But the stupid people in the legislature are now saying they will not confirm Liberians with Dual Citizenship. I say, begin the process by impeaching Oppong first or SHUT UP.

    Mr. President, please accept my heartfelt congratulations. Congratulations to the Liberia people, for speaking out loudly with the most powerful tool God has blessed them with; their voice. The time is now for a new Liberia. A new idea, a people’s first vision. The time is now, for the people of Liberia. Especially, the forgotten people who have struggled for so long. The time is now, for a leadership that will make a much needed positive change for the struggling people of Liberia, at every level. The time is now, for the forgotten 98% of Liberians who have been let down by past administrations. The time is now, that Liberia be lifted, for all Liberians. Mr. President, the time is now that struggling citizens be given a chance for a better life, improved living conditions, dignity restored, and self-esteem rebuilt. we believe that, this is the time we’ve all hoped for. The time is now that Liberia rises from her disgrace, shine, prospers for all Liberians, regardless of their faith, educational background, political affiliation, or belief. The time is now that you and your government set the pace for change. Mr. President, with God, all things are possible. We believe you were chosen by the people for a reason. The time is now, that Liberians be put first. The time is now, that the Liberian people feel Liberians in their own God-given country. Mr. President, once again, the time is now that you show up for Liberia. Show up for the people of Liberia, and show up for equally, justice and inclusiveness. Once again, Mr president, congratulations on your historic victory. Congratulations, Liberia!


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