Liberian Artist Setup Artist-In-Residence in UK


As part of her commitment to support and provide opportunities for artists, Sarah Güsten-Marr set up the Gallery GM Artist-In-Residence program. The program is designed to provide a platform for artists working internationally to showcase their work at Gallery GM, with the goal of supporting the development of artists of diverse age, backgrounds and disciplines.

The foundation of the Artist-in-Residence program is a true honor for Güsten-Marr, who looks forward to continuing to connect international artists with the culture of North Yorkshire. Participating artists will be given the space to maximize their creativity, and explore various aspects of their creative work. The
Gallery GM headquarters are located in the beautiful Vale of York in the English countryside.

According to an associate of Sarah’s, Lena Thomas, during their stay at Gallery GM, guests have access to the Gallery GM studio space, with maisonette and library. Artists also have the use of one or two multi-purpose exhibition spaces. In addition to providing a professional area to work and showcase their arts, guests will also have access to a training room/dance studio, and leisure area comprising of a sauna and Jacuzzi, Thomas disclosed to the Daily Observer in an email.

Also on the Gallery GM grounds is a unique bar stage that is accessible for spoken-word performances. Artists-In-Residence will be given use of the Flute and Stiletto Pub located inside the main farmhouse and use of the Gallery GM beer garden with its own vegetable and herb plots providing fresh organic
produce in the summer months.

Stylists and photographers will enjoy Güsten-Marr’s private boutique boasting a superb fashion collection acquired over the last 30 years. Güsten-Marr believes that ‘travelling is finding’ and having led an international life, understands how enriching a cultural exchange experience can be for any artist. Since the foundation of the Artist-In-Residence program, artists, musicians and dancers among other disciplines have been welcomed to visit Gallery GM.

Most recently, Julian Junior Marvin, legendary guitarist of Bob Marley and the Wailers, songwriter, vocalist and good friend of Güsten- Marr, has shown his great support for her initiatives. Junior Marvin and Sarah Güsten-Marr are two artists who are passionate about the African continent.

After the successful launch of the Artist-In-Residence program, Sarah Güsten-Marr together with her good friend Sir Black, founder of the Ehalakasa Movement, discussed the prospect of an exchange program in West Africa.

This led to the foundation of the collaborative venture called Cultural Crossings. Cultural Crossings has been carefully put together by two artists who passionately believe in the importance of cultural understanding. The Cultural Crossings Initiative provides sponsorship for artists to travel between the West African countries of Liberia and Ghana showcasing their talent.

The opportunity to learn and be inspired by travel is an important aspect of the initiative. Both Sarah Güsten-Marr and partner Sir Black are keen to provide educational opportunities for artists that encourage unity through the celebration of art and culture. “I truly believe that travelling enhances knowledge.

“The more we travel, the more we are open to different experiences – exactly what we need in the world. It is important that we support our emerging artists on the African continent. We have these beautiful countries side by side and it is in our own interest that we get to know one another and support one another’s talents,” she said.

Sarah Güsten-Marr Sir Black and Güsten-Marr are delighted to receive the full support of the Dzifa Gomashie, Ghana’s Deputy Minister for Culture, Tourism and the Creative Arts. The Deputy Minister is herself an experienced actress who understands the importance in advancing the art movement in West
Africa. During her visit to the Gallery GM headquarters in the Vale of York, the Honorable Dzifa Gomashie provided valuable knowledge supporting the Cultural Crossings Initiative.

The Gallery GM team is grateful to the Honorable Dzifa Gomashie for her insightful suggestions that will encourage the prosperity of the Cultural Crossings Initiative. Both Sir Black and Güsten-Marr are extremely proud of their Cultural Crossings Initiative and are keen to make a difference.

Güsten-Marr was born in Monrovia, Liberia, in 1970. Though raised internationally, she has never forgotten her native country, Liberia. Her biological mother died while birthing her and she was adapted by a German family.


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