Liberian Afro Star Pitty D’ Best Clears the Waters


A recent rumor about the arrest of Pitty D’ Best,  who is now residing in Minnesota, United States of America, to complete a 10-state tour this July, has been the talk of the town.

Speaking with Pitty himself, the “Bust your eye” hit maker cleared the waters on the ordeal by telling LIB LIFE what really happened.

"While getting on the metro bus, the machine was refusing the money because they where old.  So the people (bus operator) thought it was fake, so they called the police and the police said it was real. LIB LIFE: Were you taken into custody when the police arrived? Pitty D’ Best: They just asked some questions that is all.

Meanwhile, Pitty, who recently won Best Afro Artist of the Year during the Liberian Music Awards, has reminded us that apart from his 10- state tour, which will be hitting majority of the Liberian communities in America, including  Minnesota and Maryland,  he’s making progress while representing Liberia to the fullest.

“ Our 10-state tour is starting this month.  I’ve met some artists  and we are planning to do stuff. I’m about to do the “Follow Me” video, and have now become famous, just doing my thing while more people are recognizing  my music.”



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